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Dead 18650 cells 0V

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    Dead 18650 cells 0V

    Hi all,

    I have a problem that is repeating itself frequently.
    I am working a lot with 18650 cells, and I assemble different packs.

    Sometimes, after a while (within several weeks), one of the cells seems to be broken, to a voltage of 0V. So that brings trouble to the balance of the total pack.
    It is not the CID (current interrupt device), because overall voltage of the pack is still intact. Meaning the other cells are getting to high in voltage to compensate the broken one.

    My question is, can I discover that broken cell before I put the pack together?

    It is very frustrating, it occurs very often recently.

    Best regards,


    Hi John

    Try to measure the IR of the cells before assembling them in a pack. Use cells with similar IR when grouping them in parallel. If one of the cells has higher/lower IR than others, don't put it with others in parallel. This won't 100% guarantee that you're not going to have a problem in 3-4 months but would highly reduce the risk.


      how are you testing the cells before using them ?