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SONY US14500VR2 - another AA-size Li-ion battery

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    SONY US14500VR2 - another AA-size Li-ion battery

    SONY US14500VR2 is the second 14500-size Li-ion battery which i've tested. 14500 is the same AA size we used to see in alkaline and Ni-MH batteries. It assumes 50mm in length and 14mm in diameter. SONY US14500VR2 is rated at 680mAh (min) at 3.6V and comes without protection PCB.

    Tests were done using ZKETECH EBC-A20, which supports up to 20A discharge, 4-wire measurement and is PC-connected.

    I've used version 3.0 of my battery holder based on 0.5mm thick pure copper terminals

    I've followed all the prescriptions of the IEC61960-2003 standard concerning battery's capacity measurement. Before each discharging cycle each battery was charged at standard current mentioned in its datasheet to charge end voltage (4.2V) (cut-off at 0.1A, which is the lowest supported by EBC-A20). Before each discharging or charging i've held a 1-1.5hrs pause. The environment temperature was 23.5-24.5°C. To be sure in results i've done each test minimum twice (usually 3-4 times). Battery was bought from Queen Battery.

    SONY US14500VR2
    My cell has the following marking: SE US14500VR2 2B G 0564014YB21J 680mAh and YB21J 680mAh is repeated.

    Specifications from US14500VR2's datasheet:
    Typical capacity: 715mAh
    Minimum capacity: 680mAh
    Nominal voltage: 3.6V
    Standard charge current: 680mA
    Charge end voltage: 4.20V
    Max. discharge current: 2.0A
    Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.0V
    AC impedance at 1KHz: 50-100mΩ
    Weight: 19.3±0.8g

    DC IR in fully charged state was 50±5mΩ (measured using 680mA current)

    The measured weight of my cell is 19.15g and it's 14.0mm in diameter and 49,1mm long

    Capacity test results:

    Pay attention to the discharge cut-off voltage - it's 3.0V (declared by the manufacturer) but looking at curves i think that this cell could be easily discharged down to 2.75V (at least) without any harm. Nevertheless, i kept official limits and discharged down to 3.0V.
    At 0.2C it showed 774mAh - almost 100mAh more than its declared minimum!!! Even at it's maximum 2A discharge rate it was still above 615mAh! Nice result!

    SONY US14500VR2 doesn't promise high discharge rates but it's just an AA-sized cell so 2A will be enough for most applications. It's real capacity is higher than declared and it makes me to call this cell a recommended one. Queen Battery cells them for US$1.85 without shipping cost.

    Here is the video version of this review with size comparison to an AA battery:

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