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LunaCycle Wolf battery parallel running while solar charging at the same time

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    I'm curious if you've been recording panel temperature difference when stopped and when moving. What kind of difference a 10+ mph constant airflow across the panel is doing.

    Something to consider since you mentioned misting. Instead of wetting the panel have you considering using small gauge aluminum tubing bonded to the panel's heat sink and a water/pump/radiator/optional fan setup. The pump/fan could be run from the solar power and cause the liquid flow through the radiator. I know you can get small radiators, I've used them when I played around with liquid cooling computers. The liquid would definitely draw heat from the sink faster than fins. The other advantage would be with a small fan on the radiator this cooling system would work even when stopped. Just not sure the increase output would offset the energy/weight added.

    Not sure how involved you want to get with this project but I found soft bendable aluminum tubing on McMaster Carr.


    Choose from our selection of aluminum, aluminum tubing, and more. In stock and ready to ship.


      So I received my Genasun charge controller yesterday. Yah!

      I just have to comment. about one thing. Nice look unit, plus they left enough empty space in the back of the housing they could've fit a whole second controller inside. Sheesh!
      Wasn't expecting the that. My guess is they use the same housing for the non waterproof units and in this instance left the back cover off and potted the circuit.



        On another note. I figured out what I'm going to use for the 50 watt side panels hinges. I was considering how I could build something. Telescoping aluminum tubing and hitch pins but that kind of tubing really expensive. Then it dawned on me and I found these folding shelf brackets on Amazon that should work so much better.

        I've even figure how to limit the down angle if I decide to do that. Just run a bolt through the cut channel as a stop. To stabilize it I'm think I can use shock cord inside the "L of the bracket. The cord pulls tighter when lowered so would need a down anchor. Will let everyone know how it works out when I start that part of the project.

        I'm also probably going to add to vertical support tubes at the front of the panel. The angled supports work alright but I'm getting a little more movement than I like. I'm worried that repeated flexing over the long term is going cause a stress break.

        Though I'd share in case anyone was consider something similar.


        Not sure why but the link to the Bracket isn't working right.
        Here is the description "Folding Shelf Brackets Claiery Polished Bench Table Stainless Steel Foldable K Type Shelf Wall Brackets Heavy Duty 20inch"
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          My genasun controller is in the mail. Have you tried yours yet?
          Cooled the panels to standard temperature by pouring water on front of panel. Did clean off dust! According to meter on 7210 i got an extra 8 watts. About 10% increase. In line with others experience. Cooling panels is effective, 8% on best active cooling attempts, but not cost effective considering extra weight expense etc.. Seems the infrared blocking films would also be ineffective. Slightly angling the panels in to the wind might be slightly more efficient, but drag could quickly destroy any advantage.
          more power more panels.


            I received the controller and installed it but I don't have any numbers. My watt meter display kept shutting off so I couldn't see what my numbers were.
            I can say this. The led on the Genasun said it was higher current charging >3.5amps on the input side. Also during Sunday's ride my battery stayed consistently at 92% charge with my assist being about 300 watts first 26 miles. Return home trip was 26 miles all in 600 watt assist. Ended the ride with 64% remaining.

            This was in line with what I was getting out of 200 watts of solar with the 7210. I was running just the 160 panel on Sunday so it definitely looks like an improvement. Need to get another watt meter to try and get some numbers though.

            Friday's project was working on the panel frame. I redid the rear "V" and got rid of the wiggle I had there. I also build two vertical front supports as well. I started on the "wing" mounts but didn't get that done. Ran out of time. If you look at the fourth picture you can see the bracket attached and folded down.

            Now for the news from Sunday's ride.
            First off I'm alright just sore from the wrenching I got. We were on the interstate doing 20+mph and my wife who was out front didn't see a steel "T" stake, road side reflector, that was bent into our shoulder lane. I caught the thing with the black side bag. Punched a hole in it bent the clamp that attaches it under the seat and also bent a support tube for the side bag frame.Scariest part was it bounced me up onto two wheel leaning towards the lane of traffic. i recovered and I didn't tip over but that is probably only because I switch my rear tire on Tuesday. I went from a Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour to a Schwinn Cruiser tire.

            I know most people would consider this a downgrade on tire. Going from premium to cheapie but I'm pretty sure that cheapie save my life. I was getting a lot of rear end wobble with the Schwalbe and the new bigger panel because it's a tradition bicycle tire. It has a really rounded tread for lean in cornering. I decided to try the Schwinn because it has a really flat tread and reviewer complained that it was harder to corner with it. That is what I wanted since my trike doesn't lean in turns. It was day and night difference. The wobble I had disappeared with the new tire running at the same psi as the Schwalbe, even before fixing the panel mounts. I'm pretty sure that additional stability is the only thing that stopped me from going over into the lane of traffic.

            I've patched the bag and ordered up tubing to fix the bracket. I'll order up clamps tomorrow if I have time.

            So more to watch out for in addition to the normal road hazards.



              Glad to here you survived your ride sounds like it was quite the experience. Love your Smile your on Camera sign...I'm stealing that! lol

              I've been debating over adding a couple GoPro Hero5 Sessions to my setup. I think Im going to try one and see how it goes then maybe add a 2nd later on. Thinking Helmet and rear rack mount. I think a sign like yours even if you dont have a camera may improve some drivers behavior though.

              I've been lucky so far I've only got a couple engine revs and one guy who was towing an RV who was right behind me and blew his horn. Guy freaking scared the hell out of me, this was before I added my mirror to my helmet.
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                Just ordered this lol

                Also ordered a GoPro so it's not a bluff

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                  Glad to hear you are okay. Sounds like quite a close call.


                    Thanks all,

                    You're right the sign improves a lot of motorists driving habits. It's amazing what happens when people think they might end up famous and it's no longer their word against an inconvenient cyclist, but rather their word against the video evidence.

                    I have multiple camera's actually. I have an Innovv K2 motorcycle front/rear dash cam. I also run an Olympus action cam in time lapse mode. Finally I have my phone take time lapse as well.
                    If you're curious I've attached a link to some of the videos from the various cameras.

                    Close call was right. Closest I've had in LONG time and have no desire for a repeat.


                      Genasun is awesome. 2 amps going to battery. 7210 was delivering onnly 1.1 to 1.2. The temperature of panel statiomary is 130 degrees fahrenheit. That would be about 13% loss in efficiency due to panel heat. Will be soon seeing what airflow over panel does. This is definately above 100 watts. 116watts. 58 volts charge voltage. Instant adjustment to clouds and shade.
                      do not waste time and money on the 4210a or other cheap controllers.
                      There are definite advantages with the 4210, adjustable parameters for different batteries. But at a huge cost in efficiency and fraility.
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                        So got my new meter installed on Saturday and took the trike out for a ride on Sunday.

                        This ride was in town and mostly on trails. So a LOT of intermediate shadows, from trees and alike.
                        8:30-12:20 am so the first 1:30 wouldn't have been putting out the best power. Angle of the sun too low.

                        During my ride the meter says I got the following.
                        2.41 amps peak
                        4.92 amp hours

                        132 watts peak
                        274 watt hours

                        Genasun is definitely a success. My numbers probably would have been way higher if we'd been out on a clear road but it still did great and this was with lots of changing shadows from the trail trees and alike.

                        I also got the solar panel wings frames mostly done and did a test ride with one "wing" out. Don't have the actual solar panels so just put a piece of coroplast onto the one side to see how it'd ride. I definitely am going to have to be careful about clearance if the wings are up but it rides great.

                        Will have to do some experimentation but I'm thinking I'll get some power in earlier if the sun side panel is down at 45°. I'm also thinking I can run one wing fully up at a time. Leave the sun side panel at 45° and the opposite panel fully up. At about noon both panels sloped down. Than switch up and sloped after noon. This way I'm not running 6' wide all of the time.

                        I'm going to have to put markers on the end of the panels though. They're hard to see while moving.


                          Video of the panel profile from behind.


                            Sunrise is a beautiful thing on panel output


                              Yes it is. Especially when sun means you get to go.

                              Curious what are you monitoring the battery with?

                              Also just got one of the new "wing" panels in the mail today. Not mounted yet but think it'll look pretty good.


                                My craziness has been vindicated.
                                I have a xiao xiang blue tooth bms. Awesome for everyday use. Battery Monitoring logging setting parameters.

                                Today i found the air cooling of panels drops temperaure by 20 degrees c. An over 10% increase in wattage over static. Further efficiency i am sure in using power than storing it.
                                my battery voltage drop in driving was noticeably less. Wind drag lowered top speed over 1mph. I drove over 30 miles in town this afternoon. More battery now than when i left. Stop and go, show off atuff.
                                many questions answered but many more have come up.
                                Drivability slightly downgraded. Like towing a trailer with a car. Very slight almost forget it is there.
                                Drivers, the ones who gave room before, give more. The ones who gave no quartter continue to use bike lane with impunity. Those who suspected i was powered no longer question it. Not stealthy.
                                saving my battery logs now, for documentation.
                                altogether using the 20wh per mile standard this boosts range for 13.5 ah battery to close to 100 miles a day. Ok maybe 90.....