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LunaCycle Wolf battery parallel running while solar charging at the same time

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    Rather than the wings, i am thinking of full extension slides on panels stored beneath my larger panel. But really not seeing that i will need it. 2 amp charge rate is easy on batteries. If i had my 20 ah hour battery on ,then ok.
    you mentioned a tire problem. I also changed to a schwinn tire for the same reasons. Then dropped the 29 inch stock rim to 27.5 so the schwalbe energy plus e bike tire fit. Large air pressure differences for varied conditions possible. Good wweight capacity. Good flat protect. Good everything.
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      I considered a layered slide out design but couldn't come up with something I could fabricate. Which is why I went with the "wings" design instead. No one way is best do what works for you.

      Glad to hear your system is working out. I get the same thing. Lot of stares and questions.

      So far I'm super happy with the Schwinn Cruiser. There's day and night difference in rear end stability between it and the Schwalbe Marathon+ Tour. Just how to see what kind of longevity I get out of it now but keeping the fingers crossed.

      I have the 3 Luna Wolves paralleled, 52V 40.5AH, so even 14 amps, 2 Satiator charges in parallel, which is the fastest I could charge is still only C/4. I normally use one Satiator at 4 amps so C/10.

      Running the number I got a max of 130W out of 160W of panel 81%. Have no idea how long it was at that rate though. That was just a peak reading. That means I might be able to get 290W out of the 360W of panel so still C/8 charging rate.

      Glad to hear that the air cooling the panels is working out.


        100 watt panel may be enough for casual shorter light weight intermittant around town use or commute where charging at work is not an option. This would be much easier to build. Less expensive. With smaller size consideration there are more fabrication options. Still should fill 13ah 52 volt battery.
        the 160 watt keeps me fully charged in this type of use. Perfect for a delivery driver. 6Do not even have it plugged in now for fear of overfilling battery, spilling electricity on the ground. Somebody could get shocked
        this project for somebody else.
        I am very satisfied with the 160 watt panel.
        Good luck.
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          Sunday was the first test ride with solar wings mounted and wired in.
          The 2 50W panels are wired in parallel together, those are then wired in series with the 160W panel.

          I rode with only the curb side wing up for the entire ride and the road side wing up for 15 minutes while stopped for a break.
          8:30-12:30 rode south and then north minimal shadows but had a headwind going south. 43 miles 1050 feet gain. Started with 84% charge and ended with 66%

          This is what I got out of the solar system 378Wh, 6.75Ah, 165Wp, 2.93Ap

          So my upgrades are a success. I didn't have my full touring weight and also wasn't pulling my trailer. If I had the trailer I'd have another 100W of solar but I imagine even with the additional tour weight my solar upgrades will allow us to cut our need for AC each night. Since I was able to get 43 miles with only 18% of my battery.

          Pretty much finished with the solar upgrades on my trike, still have other projects but not more solar. Will need to get a second Genasun for the trailer panel at some point but not right now.

          Next solar project is upgrading my wife's system, already started on that by ordering up a Genasun controller for her solar.


            Tilting my panels i am getting 4 to 5 hours more effective collection. The cooler panels morning and afternoon produce a good 80. + watts continuous production that is missed by aiming directly overhead. With winter that will be evenmore important. Your trailer panel could be altered for that.
            My peak is now 2.4 ah at 56 volts 135 watts, water cooled to 20c.4 hours driving adds 420 watts (occasional shade reduced total.but. Air cooled 30 c from driving 2.1ah.. 1.9 amps hot, parked.60 degrees c plus
            160 watt panel only.
            My numbers are slightly above yours. May be time of day, haze, direction if travel. Today at 11:00 i am getting 20 watts! Lots if cloud cover.spare battery time.
            A number that stands out is i get 6 miles per hour of charge in full sun. (That is assuming the 20 watts per mile electric bike companies have used as a standard unrealistic in real world as is the solar panel output ratings at stc on june21.


              I didn't include these number but here is what the EggRider app recorded my usage was
              Moving Time 3:15
              Total Time 3:50 it didn't record a break we away from the trike
              Avg Moving Speed 13.65
              Avg Speed 11.45
              Distance 43.2
              Energy 949.93Wh
              Avg Efficiency 20.15Wh/Mi

              Looking at this my solar provided just under 40% of the power I used during my ride.

              I did designed the trailer mounts to tilt up to 90°, back to front. Mostly used it for loading/unloading during out last vacation but that would give us 200W, add to that 50W from the one of my wing panels, sun facing panel. Will give us 250W during morning/evening.

              I'm also going to set things up so I can link the solar systems together to boost charge either trike when we're stopped if needed.

              Must really be cloudy! With the 7210 during out vacation during a completely overcast day we were getting 83W out of 200W of solar after about 10:30, which turns out to be the max that I ever got out of that system, clear sky or clouds. I would hope that the Genasun would perform better than that.

              Didn't have time this last ride but something I'm going to experiment with is disconnecting the shaded wing panel and see what kind of increase/decrease I seen in the output. For that I'm going to move my monitor over to the input side of the Genasun and have to record some numbers while just sitting. A project for when we're not actually riding.

              Glad your system is working out for you.


                I jad a loose wire connect at nattery. Fixed it and up to 120 watts charge. Missed electricity.
                I am gping to say results are closr enpugh to call identical.
                the egg rider info fills in all the missing numbers.
                They add up well.
                These panels are very sensitive to heat.
                that seems to be almost more of a variance then clouds.
                Morning sun not to be missed.
                adding another 100watt panel soon.


                  Solar panel for charging is more convenient and safe. Just plug in outside away from house. No extension cord or charger. No fear of burning house down. when not charging bike charging spare battery. Power security light. Working better for me even when not towing panel.
                  most of my trips are short to grocery store coffee shop etc.. Nice to know i have the potential to travel longer distances without waiting to recharge batteries at high amperage for time saving. (Continuous 2 amp charge rather than 5 for short time. Drive further without running battery so low.) Effectively turns a 13.5 ah battery into a 25 ah battery. . Less expensive and maintains battery health better.
                  Next long trip i will record same info as you for easier comparison. Miles traveled. Watts harvested. Watts used. Avg speed. Weather and road conditions, time of day.
                  other info as deemed important.


                    109 kilometer est range left in battery with 75% charge. On battery monitor.
                    so that should be about 135 kilometers range with a 13 ah battery. That is at an average speed of 17mph.


                      That is some seriously impressive range for a 13Ah battery and solar.


                        Just like the e bike mfrs claiming excessive range, a solar set up is difficult to judge. With far more variables. For range, really need to ride at bicycle speeds. Fast electric bike is not possible without long recharge times. Cost and weight is similar to an extra battery, but no down time waiting to charge or finding place to charge.
                        in the real world of everyday driving, actual range of 13 ah 52 volt is pretty much doubled. 10 watt hours per mile is a pretty good solar boost. Still need ten from battery. With consideration that you are charging while driving, charging time is no longer a consideration. Almost three weeks of panel i have plugged into wall once. Always a 65% + battery.
                        most comments have to do with how large and odd the size looks. (I wannt even more!) No comments that i judge to be negative. Maybe i do not listen!.


                          While waiting for 120 watt smaller panel which should supply every day needs, i finished a project that has been sitting in a hidden corner. A fairing. The result was pretty good. Really notice at higher speeds aero braking is poor. The size is very close to what i need for panel.
                          winter is coming. Need to get windshield and convertible top finished.
                          Will be interesting to see if the economy improves at higher speeds. My bbs02 is pushing above 35mph. That was slight uphill with headwind. Far better than expected.
                          when better connection will load picture.


                            Sound interesting, pictures would be great.

                            I definitely notice that my trike has much greater wind drag than my wife's.
                            I installed the Genasun on her trike last Friday and we went out for a test this weekend. With only a 100W panel feeding her system she was about 5% lower charge than me at the end of a 40 mile ride, wings folded except when stopped.

                            I've been considering some kind of fairing just don't know how I could do it with the solar panel frame.

                            Too old play contortionist trying to climb in.


                              Amazing 15 miles over 20 mph avg. Some atop and go. Fairly flat. 12.5 watt hpurs per mile. I thought something wrong. But confirmed. I was not expecting this.


                                Click image for larger version

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ID:	92789 Amazing 15 miles over 20 mph avg. Some atop and go. Fairly flat. 12.5 watt hpurs per mile. I thought something wrong. But confirmed. I was not expecting this.