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High power 18650 battery pack

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    High power 18650 battery pack

    I have a question that i simply cannot figure out... if someone could help me figure this out it would alleviate a lot of stress i have been having. Ok so lets say im building a 20s 20p battery pack. Each cell is capable of 30A discharge max. And so i connect the entire pack using the proper nickel strip size to handle the 30A. Now its all done and typically what you would do is solder your positive and negative discharge cables to positive and negative main of the battery... ( either that or connect it to bms but im going to bypass bms discharge and only use it for charge, so id connect directly to positive and negative main of pack) Heres the tough part, now if you have 20 cells in parallel each capable of 30A discharge each, thats a total of 600 A. And that would mean you need a terminal which is at least 4/0 awg. The problem is how are you going to solder a 4/0 gauge on to the pack, thats to difficult. My thought is, can you put a copper bar next to the battery main positive and negative, connect your main positive and negative to the copper bar via nickel strip, and at the top of that bar put a hole, bolt and nut with the 4/0 terminal? Hope that makes sense, if theres any confusion ill try to clear it up.

    I dont use the nickle strips to build my batteries I think that the best way as far as power wlow is to buy copper sheet and just cut into strips. Thicker sheet the more power can flow.
    1mm is the thickest ive used but you need one hell of a soldering iron to use that stuff so you dont heat it for too long. I have a really old miller falls gun type and that thing is perfect but can only use for short periods as needs cool down after few connectionsClick image for larger version

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