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13.5 aH Shark...17,700maH?

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    13.5 aH Shark...17,700maH?

    I have a 13.5 aH shark battery (52v) that shows up with 17,700 maH as rated capacity. What am I missing in the math? I though it would be around 13500. I don't have a screenshot of my BMS handy, I can get it on the ride home this afternoon.



    Aha, now I think I have it. Having killed my battery today commuting to work and back. My "empty" reads 5826 mAH and 45.4V.

    Capacity-nominal~=working capacity (give or take). wish I had more phone juice so I could watch my BMS instead of the not so helpful Bafang power meter. "3 bars...ooops, sorry." Time to go to PAS 0 and pedal this 43 lb pig home. I'm glad I kept it light. I wouldn't want to haul home an 80 lb beast. There's this climb at the end of my ride...

    At least now I have my working ranges staked out for BMS observation. I guess I tried to milk too much out of my battery. I have a 44 mi RT, with 2k of vertical and I push for speed pretty hard. I need to either economize better or get a charger for the office.


      LOL, it is worth the 2.5 extra pounds to bring your charger with you! Click image for larger version

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        So you were able to get over 40 mi from your 48V 13.5 Ah battery?


          Realistically, no, though I'm pushing at pas level 8-9 75% of the time. I'm at about 38 miles on my commute. Yes I'll be bringing my charger and eventually putting a spare at work


            For your first post, here's a screenshot of my 35E cell, 14-series, 5-parallel, 52 volt, 17AH rated battery for comparison:

            What does the case look like, and do you know the cell count?
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