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52 volt luna bottle pack capacity indicator

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    52 volt luna bottle pack capacity indicator

    The capacity indicator consists of one red led and 4 green leds. What is the capacity with only one and two and three green leds lit? Are the leds sensitive to voltage and are they calibrated to a 52 volt system or did they just use a 48 volt indicator and add another cell in series? My pack is one third charged and displays 3 leds.

    Consider those to be indicators. like a turn indicator. You may be going the direction it's flashing, but not necessarily. They are notoriously inaccurate. I think they should be referred to as devices that suggest how much power may be left.

    The only way to confirm is to test with a multimeter. I find that the indicators on my 4 Dolphin packs are all off. One way off. But a cheap multimeter will confirm yours. It's a tool EVERY eBike owner will eventually need. Now is a good time. Before it actually needed to solve an important trouble shooting question.

    I prefer one that has an auto off feature. I need up spending the cost of an upgrade on 9V battery replacements when I constantly left mine on.