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Safe battery pack for 1200w scooter

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    Safe battery pack for 1200w scooter

    Hello folks,

    I have a question regarding the battery pack for my 1200w electric scooter. It is currently running on 60v 20AH lead acid battery pack, and I have tested it on 72v where it performs quite well. Now I was about to buy a Li-Ion battery pack for it, and I searched different stores online. Most of them told me that 60v20AH can be operated safely with 1200w motor. However, a couple of store keepers told me that 20AH is not sufficient, and I need to buy at least 40-50AH lithium battery packs. Now I am confused that whether they are right, or they are just trying to earn more money from me. One of the store keeper had some confusing math about it, which says:

    "It is better to discharge lithium battery at 0.5C, 1200w/60v=20A, which is the highest working voltage. If you buy a 20AH lithium battery, it is 1C discharge. Only atleast 40AH battery just discharges at 0.5c. The lead acid batteries doesn't need protection circuit, so thats fine to use any AH of those lead-acid packs."

    I need opinion from you guys. Please share your thoughts..

    Thanks a lot

    Whoever wrote that was just trying to upsell you.

    Obviously whenever it comes to batteries the bigger the better, since the lower depth of discharge you can get on a per charge basis will reduce the number of actual cycles you will have on the battery thus increasing the longevity, but that does not mean that at this power usage which is actually relatively low compared to high performance bikes, that 20 amps would possibly be somehow problematic.

    make no mistake, 60v 20ah is a shitload of power and a massive upgrade compared to the lead acid batteries originally on the bike by virtue of the fact that it is actually lithium