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Charging two 14s packs together?

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    Charging two 14s packs together?

    I asked this question over in the Luna specific forum but didn't really get an answer so I'll try again. I have a BBHSD with a Wolf V2 (14s4p 4-port) pack. I'd like to increase my range and will plug a second pack into the second XT90 connector of the Wolf and slave a 14s5p pack to it that I built (with BMS from 2900 mah cells that can charge through its power port). Capacities are almost the same so I can't see an issue with leaving it connected to the Wolf pack and charging the Wolf pack through it's charge port thus charging both packs at the same time. I'm wondering if I'm missing something here and if there might be a problem I don't recognize? Anyone have advanced knowledge in this area? The biggest problem charging separately is partial charges and getting them both to the same state of charge before reconnecting. No problem if 80, 90 or 100% charge on a Luna charger but that's not always possible. I could also use a Y-cord for charging but why bother if I can just leave the aux pack connected to the Wolf and charge the Wolf ending up with both charged. Any thoughts?

    @add: Ahh - Paxtana over at Luna has pointed me to a great discussion on the topic here - Many thanks kind sir!
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    IF you are positive that the aux. port is nothing more than a direct connect to the output wires allowing you to run in true parallel, then I don't see an issue with charging them connect.