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what BMS can i use for 18kw

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    what BMS can i use for 18kw

    im trying to turn motorcycle into EV and this newbie never experienced even ebike at all
    i got cells that rated output 3.7V 30A
    have enough for making 120V 150A battery pack
    so im about to choose bms for battery pack
    i found smart bms that can control through bluetooth and smartphone app
    and the product information says that 120V bms is for 300A i just couldnt find 150A of that bms so i want to make sure can i just use the 300A for 150A controller

    so here my question
    can i use the 300A bms to work like 150A by control with the app or something?

    another question
    if i want to increase capacity i have to add more cells to each parallel and that increases maximum amps right?
    will the BMS can handle more amps of packed cells than the rated amps of the bms? like package is 500A but the bms is 300A what would happen if they are connected? my goal is 150A anyway want to make sure it is ok before see any explosion

    Having an over-powered battery, or BMS is not an issue. The controller will only pull up to its max. rated amperage. You could have a 10KA battery, but if the controller runs at 150A max, that is all it will pull.

    Where you start to have issues is when your controller is way more powerful than your other parts. That will run your battery at max. capacity, which means more heat and drain cycles that shorten life. I think, a worst case scenario could even happen from a controller with flexible voltage allowing you to overcharge your batteries and send spikes through the controller/motor that could fry one or both.



      thanks jose now im feel free to order parts