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48V pack for BBSHD using 18650 2550mah Cells Molicel

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    48V pack for BBSHD using 18650 2550mah Cells Molicel

    Hi, I am planning on building the pack for BBSHD

    so it would be 48V 13S 7P
    using 18650 2550mah Cells Molicel
    Those batteries rated at 4A <= 60C and 5A<=45C

    I understand the pack should be able to deliver 30a?
    Would those batteries be enough?

    4A × 7 = 28A
    5A × 7 = 35A

    Probably ok for short bursts @30A but not really for continuous - BMS will need to support that current too of course

    Controller maximum current should be set less than pack maximum current

    Not sure which specific cells you are looking at but 2550mAh seems sort of on the lower side of things for modern 18650's that are typically used in electric bikes - most are closer to 3000mAh (or more)


      You might look into using 21700 cells. I bought a 13s 5P case battery that's rated 40A continuous, and 24Ah capacity (1150Wh)