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Removing Difficult Spot Welds

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  • Greeno
    I have broken down a couple of previously spot welded batterys to reconfigure them in a different shape. I used a dremel tool to slightly grind off the raised portions of the remaining weld to get them flush you just have to be careful not to go to deep.

    I use a razor knife to cut the connections between the batteries ( sharp side pointing UP and lifting up as I push into the nickel strip to keep from shorting anything out. Don't push down!

    I'm try to separate the batteries by working from the outside of the pack along the edges making sure not to short out between pos and neg connections. Usually do a cell group at a time and then can separate them from the main pack to work on separately. Easier that way but still a pain. Once you get one side of the battery disconnected the other side is pretty safe as far as shorting anything out.

    One other thing is be careful on spot welding them again as grinding them will remove some of the pos/neg surface material.

    I had a couple of welds blow a small hole, that leaked electrolyte out on the neg terminal of the battery and couldn't use those. No issues with the pos terminal surface only the neg.

    Good luck

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  • Dan816
    started a topic Removing Difficult Spot Welds

    Removing Difficult Spot Welds

    Hi, I'm working on rebuilding a pack that was wired as 36v (10s5p) in order to run it at 48v (13s3p). I've disassembled the pack and removed the old nickel strips to the best of my ability but the nickel at the site of the spot weld will NOT come off the battery terminals. I've watched plenty of YouTube videos where the user gently peels off the nickel, but these spot welds are WAY too strong for that. Here are some pictures of the terminals ( Any advice on how to remove the last bits? Dremel? File? Leave it? I'm planning on using this kit ( to rebuild. Unfortunately, Vruzend customer support is nowhere to be found.