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    Nickel Plating

    I am looking into building a new battery for my custom made electric bike. I know that I want to use Samsung 40T3 cells due to their high capacity and discharge current. I intend to make a 20S5P pack using these cells and intend to draw a maximum of 80 amps. I did some quick math and realized that if I were to make such a pack I would have to use 16 0.15mm * 7mm nickel strips per each series connection. Is there any way I can cut that down by using a thicker plate? Ideally I would like to make only 5 connections of a thicker material because less welds = less chance for things to go wrong.

    Guess it depends a bit on what chart / which numbers you use. This shows around 10 amps being optimal and 15 being acceptable. You can increase the amp capacity / decrease the number of strips by increasing the thickness of the strip - so long as your welder can handle it. You might also consider increasing width as a way to get more amps if you welder can't do thicker material.

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