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A Good Place to Buy BMS's? Particularly a 14S BMS

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    A Good Place to Buy BMS's? Particularly a 14S BMS

    Hey guys I'm having a lot of trouble finding a 14S BMS.

    I need one 14S BMS and two 10S ones for some bike battery packs I'm working on.

    I found this one for a 10S (is it good)?

    My StoreSuPower Battery Customer Support Center producing and building rechargeable power batteries packs applicable for R/C helicopter, R/C cars, Racing boat, R/C hobbies, Outdoor LED lightings, Electronic Power Tools, portable devices. Industrial power sources, Military industry, back-up power and other electronic applications. We offer different spec. Lithium Li-ion battery packs such as, 3.7V, 7.2V, 7.4V, 8.4V, 10.8V, 11.1V, 12V, 14.8V, 24V, 36V, 48V packs using in LED lightings, Torch, Camp lamp, safety lamp, miner��s lamp, as well as High Drain Batteries that could be used for electronic scooters, electric bikes, Power Tools and other high rate electronic device. With professional services, SuPower battery brand NIMH, Li-ion, Li-FePO4 high power battery pack series make a creditable effort in the world market of RC hobbies, Outdoor Lightings, electric Power Tools and Portable Outdoor device.

    But haven't had any luck with a 14S one. Do yall have any suggestions?



    Here are a bunch to choose from:

    I use a BMS rated twice the max current that I will draw. For example, I may draw up to 50A continuous so I use a 100A BMS. That being the case, I would use this one:

    What continuous and burst current do you anticipate drawing?

    Look at this bad boy:

    Here is one from a domestic seller:

    When I ordered mine, they came from China and it took about 6 weeks before they came, but they have been bombproof ever since I put it into service. As I recall, they were about $100 for each 72V 100A BMS.

    I have vaporized about five BMS units drawing 40A continuous and 82A bursts through 50A BMS units. When they fail, they burn. Having a fire in your battery is alarming and it is a sickening smell, so it is best to overbuild it in the first place.
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      Just throw this out there.. or.. no BMS! hehe. Its scary not having a feedback loop as to what state your cells are in and for something to happen with smoke and fire. You just have to "trust" the BMS is doing its job and not damaging the nice shiny cells you've just spend a crapload of money on

      There are ways and means of monitoring, balance charging and bulk charging (CellLog, iMax B6/iCharger, JST balance wires). I'm still learning all about it also. I like both ideas (no-bms and bms packs) they both have their pros and cons


        check the manufacturers:

        I think they have all you need!