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EZ pack building kit

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  • EZ pack building kit

    I'd like some honest objective thoughts on this as a working product or not

    and this as an idea
    I can see pros as easier repair and build but a higher cost and added size and weight

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    I can see future connection problems developing from the contact style connectors. There needs to be a way to put some pressure along the length of the cells. Time and humidity do terrible things to spring or clamp type connections. If you are old enough you may remember the terrible Bosch fuses from the 70's. You had to periodically spin them to maintain contact.


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      I posted the same question to a 18650 builders FB group
      Mica Toll answered that it's not only a great product but it's part his company the website lists him as 'The Professor'

      Unit cost adds .60per cell to total cost I'll give it a try


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        Editing a comment
        Wear gloves while assembling. Be careful to keep perspiration fingerprints and body oils away from the contacts while assembling. I'll bet there is some kind of cleaning instruction with the product. Those fuses that I mentioned above were a chronic problem. I used to run a little penetrating oil along the contacts and then twist the fuses. That was a no comeback fix that I used.

        I wouldn't do that though because who knows what long term effects oil A or B may have over time. Most oils evaporate and leave sticky residues. I hope you report on your experiences especially after a while, 1 year +.

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      I just did a web search and came up with a 14 page endless sphere post on no weld systems. I will let you read it though. The final piece of the ebike puzzle "for me" was Luna's battery pak options.