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Mighty Mini Rebuild

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    Mighty Mini Rebuild

    I have the Mighty Mini 52v battery. Do you think it would be technically possible to remove it from its soft case and build it into one of these - ?

    I find strapping and unstrapping it to go into shops etc a bit of a pain so think that this would give a bit of security and an easy on / off solution.

    Do you think it would work?



    My Mini is 80 x 90 x149 mm. A Mini has 28 cells. Those dimensions suggest that the cells are stacked in a 4x7 array.

    Your battery case is nominally 80mm x 92mm on the outside, so a packaged mini likely is too big to go in there, but you might find that removal of the shrinkwrap and padding will allow it to fit. The free battery holder they provide with the case shows their a 4x7 array does fit inside the battery. If the Luna array is similar, might work. Otherwise, you have to break the Mini battery apart. Lotta work.

    Seems to me that battery case is bulkier than a Mini. Maybe the only improvement would be if you wired up the power switch so you wouldn't have to worry about the dangling cables from the Mini shorting out. I've had that male XT60 charger plug zap on metal. I should re-wire it for a female plug.



      I doubt it would work. You would probably be better off just putting it inside of a lockable pelican case and mounting the case onto the bike via a combination of riv-nuts and zipties. Then if you need to remove it from the case just remove the padlock.