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15S LI-ion with balance leads without BMS

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    15S LI-ion with balance leads without BMS

    I found This Image quite useful in Getting the most "Battery Cycle Life From Li-Ion Cells"

    I'm personally Using a I-Charger 4010 Duo Charger/Discharger/Balancer (NO BMS Needed) for Charging/Balancing a 15S/10P Battery Pack to "4.0v per cell" giving a Total Voltage of 60V and Significally increasing my Battery Life span, possibly 3 X more Cycle Life (upto 1,500 Cycles)

    Batteries are in Two Physical Parts : Battery 1 - 8S/10P & Battery 2 - 7S/10P ( NCR18650GA cells) 3500mAh Rating (60V at 35AH)

    A solid State Relay then switches together in series powered by a 3S/3P (Aux Battery) Off position Electrically isolates 2 x battery packs from each other so I-Charger can safely charge/Balance both Packs seperatly.

    The Relay latching is controlled by a 3 position Key Switch (Off-Charging/Balancing, On- EEB Operating, Lights- Running & Headlight for Night)

    I included a "Small scale Test" to prove that it will operate safely and Correctly (Photo Below)

    using 2 x 3S Li-Po Batteries to substitute Li-Ion Packs (Below) Currently building both Li-Ion Packs (see my battery build post)

    Note- Photo is not showing Batteries but they connect to each 2 x Deans Connector
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    How has the battery been holding up? Thinking about building three 5s8p batteries to make 60v 24AH. Then using my 6s charger to balance the batteries when charging.


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      Sorry i have taken a "looooooong" time to respond as i dont often visit my page much anymore. My battery is holding up very nice, i get about 75km out of rough trails with huge elevation changes (hills) without a problem (using pas most of the time-pedalling) but on a flat like some of these rail trails down in Victoria (which im doing soon) i hope to acheive 100km min ( may even break 150km) as the ground is fairly level with only slight inclines (obvisouly following an old train line) should be awesome. Good luck with your build