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Bad Experience with Vruzend

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    Bad Experience with Vruzend

    I was really hoping for this product when they announced the V2 is for sale on August 4th I put in an order for several kits and and other items on August 6th
    And got a confirmation email

    I checked the website a week later and saw that they are sold out and on backorder with an expected shipment at the end of August

    on Sept 4th still nothing no info on their website that I was checking it daily
    so I put I post on their Facebook page asking for info

    I got an immediate response that the shipment came in last week and was sent out to peeps on backorder and now they are out of stock with no ETA of the next shipment
    no email no notice on the website
    I'm looking at the website right now and they changed the V2 from backorder to out of stock

    I sent email asking to cancel and for a refund

    im pissed off at Vruzend for their lack of customer service and completely unprofessional business practices
    I disappointed that a plan a had made to build a pack with their product isn't going to happen
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    Hi, I work at Vruzend and can shed some light on this. Basically this is just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

    Robert is actually part of the original backorder group. We've contacted him to let him know this, but basically he thinks that he paid for and didn't receive his kits, when in actuality he reserved his kits in the backorder and his kits are now ready to ship, after arriving just before this holiday weekend.

    When he originally checked out there was a notification on 1) the product page, 2) the cart page and on 3) on the checkout page indicating that the kits were out of stock and were being backordered.

    I of course understand that sometimes people are in a hurry and might miss the 3 different warnings, but we did everything we could to be transparent and show him that his order was for an out of stock item and he was reserving an item that would likely be in stock near the end of the month, at our best estimate.

    We received the latest batch of V2.0 kits at the end of this past week (4 days ago), and were working all weekend and over Labor day (ironically) to get them shipped out to the backorder holders including Robert. We are almost through the pile, and Robert's was slated to ship either today or tomorrow, and was in fact already on the packing table.

    Robert contacted us today asking for a refund, which we granted, and even waived the restocking fee for orders that are cancelled during the packing process, so he received a 100% refund.

    We apologize for the misunderstanding, but our team has been working around the clock to take care of all of our customers, and we did our best to make sure that customers like Robert understood that they were placing a backorder at the time of purchase. Our V2.0 kits have been in incredibly high demand during a period when we are ramping up production, so it has led to these backorder periods which I can understand are frustrating. But we tried to be as transparent from the beginning about how this works and will continue to work hard to meet the needs of every battery builder that comes to us.



      Yeah i got several emails from micah basically telling me I an idiot and his staff is working on labor day

      he told me there is 5% restocking fee if I choser to cancel or they could send the order

      I responded back flip a coin but I'd prefer the order

      Three next email said they had already decided to refund my order

      that was 4 hours ago I still waiting

      I shouldn't have done business with a semi-established company that needs to utilize kickstarter to raise 50K to make a prodict

      I'm a 55 year old with epilepsy and a hip implant and I made 38K delivering food on a bicycle

      I have medically proven organic brain damage
      what's y'alls excuse
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        Robert, you know that no one called you an idiot. What we did was explain to you where the misunderstanding was coming from and that you in fact had already ordered your kits and would be receiving them.

        You’ve already shared screenshots of the emails on Facebook and it is quite apparent how polite we were in explaining this.

        You sent multiple emails asking for a refund and so we immediately refunded you 100%, without any restocking fee. The refund was instant on our end, and will show up on your credit card statement as soon as the credit card company prints it.


          Robert U R being a dick


            EDIT Update ...

            VRUZEND kits apparently originate from IndiaMART (with Florida warehouse?) Have ordered a V1.6 kit this past Wed/Thurs with a few other VRUZEND pack accessories available on VRUZEND website (shipping cost under $9). The V1.6 is actually a 3G kit with improvements along the way from the original kit developed and improved by Micah Toll. The IndiaMART VRUZEND Team Member (located in America) was very helpful in responding to my email questions (

            Two reasons for ordering the V1.6 kit instead of the V2.1 kit. FIRST reason is because it's less expensive than the V2.1 plus 20 more cell pieces (50 vs 30) and more bus bars, compression bolts, etc for building one larger battery pack or two packs. SECOND reason my 36V 10S4P leisurely etriking speed averages 8mph (5-10mph), so i don't need to be concerned with voltage sag/lag (higher speed) due to the V1.6 spring steel cell contacts instead of the improved copper cell contacts with V.2 kit as one of the improvements over the V1.6 kit. Even so will experiment with some DIY copper wire bus bars (if even needed).

            Have not yet received a USPS tracking number so possibly more V1.6 kits are still in transit from IndiaMart to their Florida warehouse.

            Will keep you informed ...
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              Originally posted by emark View Post
              Have not yet received a USPS tracking number so possibly more V1.6 kits are still in transit from IndiaMart to their Florida warehouse.

              Will keep you informed ...
              Just received my VRUZEND USPS Tracking Number. The 4 VRUZEND items including the V1.6 kit were picked up at the VRUZEND warehouse in Fort Myers, FL at 2:37 PM this afternoon with an expected delivery to my home in two days on October 31st.


                Received the 4 VRUZEND items including the V1.6 kit today, right on time as scheduled by USPS.
                Everything carefully packaged and accounted for in perfect condition.

                Thanks to the VRUZEND Team and USPS for their prompt delivery.