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24v 20Ah DIY battery pack

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    24v 20Ah DIY battery pack

    Hello guys...!
    I did my 24v 20Ah battery pack from the old laptop batteries. individual battery with the rating of 2200mah nearby. I tested out all batteries with discharger and finally make the arrangement with parallel and series.
    I connected the battery pack with 7S 24v BMS. I have faced the issue of BMS cut off charging without fully charge my battery pack. I inspect each series they show the result of the different voltage range.
    My question is BMS is used to charge the series with balance method. But my BMS does not work it out. Please guide me on this issue.

    Im no expert. but u might have a bad cell. I wo
    uld open up the pack and check each series and each cell. if your voltage is not that off, wire it for a balance charger so u can see whats going on when u charge it.
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