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Help! Will using multiple lipos of different voltage blow me up?

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    Help! Will using multiple lipos of different voltage blow me up?

    Hello all,

    Just got my 48v, 1000w hub motor & speed controller kit.
    I ordered an ebike battery pack as well, but I need this bike to be on the road by Monday.

    I'm planning on combining (x2) 18.5v 3000mAh and (x1) 11.1v 5200mAh to create 48.1v, which is damn near spot on to what the speed controller wants.
    I'm not going to be charging these batteries in parallel, but only plan to use them in parallel.

    Ultimately, I'm wondering if the voltage different will be a problem.
    I know that batteries of the same voltage, mAh, age, etc would be preferred but I'm only planning on using this setup for 2-3 days until my ebike specific battery pack comes in.
    Another thought, is a BMS required for this type of setup? Or can I connect the battery leads directly to the speed controller.

    If anyone has any input on this, I'd really appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend everyone.
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    Yes. Doing what you propose will 'blow you up', more or less. I mean, you might not be in pieces, but smoke and fire will ensue, or worse, almost certainly.

    What you describe above is a terribly scary thought. Don't parallel those packs!
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