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[REQ] reco source quality LFP, 15-40Ah

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    [REQ] reco source quality LFP, 15-40Ah

    Hi all.

    Looking for sources for **quality** LiFePO4 prismatic cells.

    Ideally 20-25Ah, but 15-40Ah is OK.

    I'm in North America, but realize a local supplier is unlikely or would be too expensive.

    Ideally would sell on eBay or at least take PayPal, unless they have a stellar reputation here for integrity & customer service.

    If this is an inappropriate place for this request, my apologies, and would appreciate a pointer to a better site.


    bumping, crickets?


      Sorry I guess no one can help with this, or the person who can hasn't seen the post. I'm a noob and have no idea what it is exactly that you have specified, but there is an experienced battery tester who posts here occasionally and he recommends queen battery supply for individual cells, so perhaps you could try them. If you want regular e-bike pre-built batteries go to luna cycle.


        Thanks for answering at least.

        Looked at Queen, only LFP seem to be DIY packs built up from those little cylindrical type like A123.

        I'm looking for the bigger block style "prismatics", where one cell is like a brick size, 20-40Ah each, so only need 6p4S to make a 240Ah 12V pack, worth maybe $1200 USD

        CALB, Winston, GBS, Sinopoly are well-regarded examples.

        I'd really rather not just ship import myself, if they turn out to test out as sub-par, any warranty doesn't do much good if shipping costs back to China costs more than the cells are worth.


          Ah OK. Sorry I I couldn't be of more help. Hopefully someone who knows more will see this. Not sure if you have tried posting on Endless Sphere but there may be someone there that can help.


            No worries, I do have other threads going there, ignored for weeks, even simple stuff, e.g.


            so will just let the issue sit a while.
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              Yeah it seems like your request is not one that is common to the type of e-biking the average person on this forum does. What do you want a 240ah 12v pack for?


                That was just an example, usual sizes say 80-800Ah

                Mobile energy storage, camping, van dwelling, boats, off-grid shack.


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                  Oh nice. All fun stuff. Hope you find what you are looking for.