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    I was poking around the K weld site and most places I click for more information are not in English. Kinda makes me think buying from them could be a hassle since they don't seem to be set up to deal direct with other countries?

    So do you think the $200 line/mains powered units are more or less just the $30 circuit boards in a box with some sort of power likely sketchy supply? So if I tend to have car batteries around just buying one of the boards may just give me a different unreliable way to damage myself and shop? Sketchy line voltage unit that could short out and send line voltage through me and the work or sketchy circuit board that could short out and short a car battery that is giving off hydrogen? Since when have sparks and hydrogen ever lead to anything bad?


      Hydrogen and sparks is totally fine. Hindenberg anyone?

      If making your own welder floats your boat, look into building one from a microwave transformer. There are youtube videos showing how.

      I went with the Sunkko so I wouldn't have yet another tool to build, in order to get things done. Now that I built my first pack, I am willing to tinker a little. I learned during my first build that I really would be nice to have a pen instead of the fixed arms, so I bought the parts to replace the existing weld arms with heavy wires, and a pen style welder. From what I see in this Youtube video, that will make for exactly what I want. I might add some cooling fans to the case/board as well.

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