I acquired a 70?v back up power supply from a friend that was no good so I dissected it and salvaged approx 30 3.7v 10a LiPo flat cells from it. I have a 3 wheel trike that I motorized with a 24v Currie axle mount chain drive. ( I fabricated a rear axle mounted keyed hub and bolted the drive gear to that instead of sandwiching the wheel spokes) I was using the original single pack 24v SLA which really lacked in every way it could. so I used some of the good cells from the BPS I got to make a 2p 7s 24v 140a? battery pack. I installed a 24v 20a 7s BMS that I got from my cousin in hong kong. (haha) and it works pretty well. But, I very recently acquired another 3 wheeler. a Mtn Trike with a 48v 900w Bafang 20"x 4" front hub drive that had been in a fire (apparently IT was the fire) . The former owner said he was charging it in his garage when the battery/charger unit started spewing black smoke and 15' high flames scorching the ceiling before being doused w extngshr. So far I have salvaged, rebuilt or replaced everything but the battery and charger. I'm finally getting to my question. What I am thinking is I want to make a 48v or 2 24v's or a 52v pack out of the 23 3.7v 10a LiPo's that I have. There are 9 good (3.7v-3.9v) cells left after I made the 24v pack which I used 14 cells (2p 7s) If I were to build a nother 24v pack 1p 7s (w it's own 1p 7s 24v BMS) would ther be any problem running that in series with the other2p 7s 24v pack? Could I use all 9 remaining cells in a 24v configuration? (2p 2s in series with1p 5s (90a?) or I could dismantle the 2p 7s and build a 1p 14s 49.8v 140a? and have 9 cells not used. any suggestions on what would be the most efficient / functional optimum configuration? for the 20"x4" 900w hub? thx for any info that might shed some light!
And on a different note, I also have a fat tire 26" that I would like to get a controller and throttle for. it has a Bafang rear hub drive BFSWX02 36V (10) and the only info I have on the 36v battery is 2L 2010 2 0287882.1 & 2L 2010 3 0268282.6. I just need ANY thumb or twist throttle and compatible motor ctrlr (cheap) that will work w that hub and batt combo. don't care about brake switches, pedal assist, display, pwr meter, on / off switch, etc..( it has the small black i think 7 pin? waterproof connector on the hub) What will work and where can I acquire it?? 7 THX AGAIN