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Charger for LiFePO4 Pack

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    Charger for LiFePO4 Pack

    I just bought a new LiFePO4 pack made in China. It is 48v and 10 Ah. It came from the seller with a very plain charger that just has a red/green indicator light.
    I happen to have some old chargers for 48v Li Mn chemistry batteries. Can I use the old charger for this pack? Can I internally adjust the charger to make it work? Both chargers put out somewhere around 56v for charging. Is the rate of charge controlled by the BMS? I understand that LiMn chemistry has a max voltage of 4.2v while LiFePO4 is 3.6v. How does that apply when charging in series?

    I have read about this but it is not straight forward. Please educate me on this complex subject if you are knowledgeable.
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    Upon further review, I found this: The output voltage of the LiFePO4 chargers should be 58.4V (16 cells @ 3.65V) whereas the older LiMn2O4 chargers were only 54.6V (13 cells @ 4.2V)
    This is amusing since I have chargers from reputable companies that say they supply 48 VDC. Obviously that is wrong. I also have a charger that was supplied for my LiFePO4 battery that is marked as 54.6v. I am now wondering if this battery is really LiFePo4 as marked or I got scammed.