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What are the famous brand lipo battery companies for electricbike?

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  • What are the famous brand lipo battery companies for electricbike?

    I want choose the best lipo battery for my electribike, but I want know the hole brand lipo batteries and I will choose the best one. I only know the Truigy (I don't know how to spell). and I want to know some others. Give me some information.

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    Hi...actually there are many lipo brands available and each one have their own quality.
    If you can share your requirements i can suggest you the better one meeting your requirements.

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      Hobby King is the only real supplier of Lipo battery that i know of....


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        Red Sun:
        Let me throw in my 2-cents -worth.
        The big mfr's are Panasonic, Samsung (and some others).

        I wonder if Mr. Musk will also make available LiPo batteries for the ebike market, or just automobile/grid?


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          For electric bike batteries please search online and get best options. I used Amaron battery in my electric bike and purchased online from in India


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            TraceChaser From what I've read, the "gigafactory" will be 100% dedicated to the Tesla Brand and his grid buffering systems (a.k.a ChargeWall) for the foreseeable future. His goal for the Tesla brands sales targets will consume even his own optimistic production targets for the battery side.
            My opinion/ best guess, is that by the time he can produce additional capacity the form factor or chemistry of the batteries will be very different. That being said , wrecking yards that can handle this new hazmat style of crashed cars will likely have lightly used packs , just like buying a engine that has low miles there should be a market for low count charge cycle packs.


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              My late sister had one of the original Prius models and I had a 2003 Civic hybrid. There is an active cottage industry out there repairing and supplying refurbished paks for these cars because of the cost of OEM parts. You will be in competition with those people in trying to obtain used parts.

              For anyone interested in hybrid cars buy new and then dump it before the warrantee runs out. There is too much tech in these cars to make them good used cars.