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possibly using chainsaw battery PN 548208 - 40v 4ah LiPo

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    possibly using chainsaw battery PN 548208 - 40v 4ah LiPo

    I recently got an Oregon electric chainsaw.... really nice battery: PN 548208 - 40v 4ah LiPo and it got me thinking it could be great as a eBike pack. It looks like replacement packs can be had on eBay for $130 or so, which really isn't too bad!

    I am wondering what the pin-outs on the battery are, so I could reverse engineer using it on a bike. From left to right the pins are labelled:
    -, C, TH, ID, +

    I do not know the specs on the chainsaw motor/controller/throttle... so I am wondering how much smarts they put in the battery case, and whether I need to feed signals into the middle three pins, or if I could use just the - and + and let it rip with 'regular' eBike stuff?

    The chainsaw throttle is basically on/off, so it would be nice to use a throttle with a little more modulation. ;) Heck it might even be a good base for a DIY motor/controller since the whole chainsaw was under $400. But it would have to be a chaindrive or tire-friction drive and not a hub motor.

    Some people go to Loews or the recycle center and harvest the old power tool batteries so it can be done but it really becomes a DIY project.
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      It's only a 160Whr battery so will give very limited range than most ebike batteries folks around here are using

      It's a LiPo which have much greater propensity to explode and catch on fire

      It just doesn't sound like a bargain at all to me.... For just a slightly more $ per Whr you could have a much larger, much safer battery...



        They are calling it a 40V pack, is ten cells in series (10S), which is usually cataloged as a 36V pack. So, it has a 36V system, and if you buy just the 6.0-Ah pack by itself with no charger, it is $192 plus tax


          I don't want to be mean, but are electric chainsaws practical? Because I am more of an old school guy, and I don't trust electric engines. I even read an article on about chainsaws, and now I am even more sure that classic engines chainsaws are better than the electric ones. Maybe because I am just too old to change my mind. But anyway In case you guys don't agree with me. Just leave me a message, and we can chat. I am free to discuss on this topic. Hope everyone is having a good day.
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