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  • Shipping to Canada

    Hi I'm new to the Ebike world. And I've been looking at battery packs (soft shell) I've heard that shipping to canada isn't allowed. Is this true? IF so, is there any ideas


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    Where in Canada are you? I live near the border so I ship to a US freight forwarding warehouse and bring them across myself. Saves on shipping costs and much faster. Never had a problem.


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      Lunacycle ships batteries to Canada.


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        Yep, just received my bbshd and battery shipped to BC. UPS nailed me with $120 charge for the 2 packages.


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          That's because they are taking care of customs which is a huge hassle.

          You can do it yourself and save substantial money however, but I'm not sure I can recommend it. Sometimes we send these big shipments via usps priority international and have seen it lead to complaints because the local post office in that country just holds onto the package, often with zero notification from the carrier it has even reached the country, and just expecting you to know you need to go to some unknown location to pay customs fees and claim the package.

          Theoretically if you want to give it a try and save money this is what you do:

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            I try to use USPS for everything I can. Both UPS and USPS provide essentially the same border service, but one charges $50 and the other $120... I've never had a problem with USPS


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              That might be the case in Canada but I can assure you it is not the same elsewhere. USPS contracts with the local postal service for that country once it leaves US soil, and if the postal service in that country doesn't have their stuff together it doesn't work out so good.


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                There are some companies in Canada selling ebike products, I bought my BBSHD from Biktrix in Sakatchewan, they had a special deal for shipping. The price was very reasonable and no brokerage fees! Yes I paid HST but I paid that and brokerage fees when I bought my Luna chainring from Luna Cycles.


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                  Hipefully you dont require a ferry for you location. Puralotor wont bring them on BC ferries...I had to go get mine and "smuggle" it. Although I now bike across with the same battery legally.