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Cannondale Lefty Rush

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    Cannondale Lefty Rush

    Hi Electric Bikers,
    This is my first eBike build.
    I started learning about assembling, repairing, and riding August 2019 after not ridden two wheels (ICE) since about 1985

    Build Summary:

    #50 Completed weight with Luna Liquid Wolf

    Collected from SoCal near LaGrange
    2006 Cannondale Lefty Speed Rush Special Edition 'Velo Club LaGrange" with Cannondale blue fade metallic paint and red white and silver graphics.
    Dual control levers with hydro sensors, bare foot pedals, Fox Float RP3 110mm, KMC Chain

    Tool Kit and Tee Shirt, BBS02, C860, Blue Throttle, Liquid Wolf LGMJ1 , Round magnets
    Dupli-Color GM Dark Metallic Blue finish coat.


    Click image for larger version

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    Finished and ready.
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    • Gusto
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      Love the build Mike. I have an RZ120. RZs replaced Rush in 2010 I think. Anyway, I have a Bafang BBHSD 1,000W to install in it once I get COVID reunited with my RZ. My RZ is in Indonesia, I am now in Australia. Meanwhile my BBHSD goes rather well in my old rigid MTB rig. Happy riding there.



      Great to see another C-Dale converted! Giving old rides new life is cool.



      • Mike_V
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        Thanks Man,
        It's exciting too, because despite study, planning, measurements;
        it might not work.

        And thanks to all eBike pioneers, stay positive.
        Fresh design and creativity continues along with the requisite "Kung Fu".

      Everyone asks: "How far will it go?"
      39 miles to (47V)

      Now, I have a fast LUNA e-bike that runs like a racer.

      I tracked total range for my new bike and got total range of 39 miles over days of my normal riding

      Today though, the last mile, uphill I wanted to run to to 47V / finish the mileage test
      I'm at the pond bird watching and resting when 87 bicyclists?
      Kids and adults ride by, going up, as I faced away in front of my bike.
      I couldn't resist, level 5, pedal assist, 9th gear, to the hilltop & pass them all. ~18 mph
      I still had battery, went another 1/2 mile, they had all turned back to ride down.
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        Surf's Up
        I'm here at the CoveClick image for larger version

Name:	Seaweed_Cove.JPG
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        Our week at Matunuck Beach Rhode Island was superb.
        Seaweed Cove, here inviting warm water summer swimmers


          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1525.JPG
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          Carpet for "My Airline Trail" in Rural Eastern Connecticut


            So you have the V1 battery mounts, the 2 round magnets in the chrome metal shells? Did your bike have the mounting holes down there to start with? Or did you add them using something like riv nuts? I know they are pretty strong magnets but its pretty impressive it stays there and you don't appear to be using a strap for backup just in case.


            • Mike_V
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              Ed: The elastomer wellnut had pulled out, safety held in by the zip tie.
              I installed coated steel bushings under & over the wellnut flange feature , against the tube, to capture it securely this time.

              Yes, two round magnets, one into a factory rivnut and one into an elastomer 5mm 'well nut' and a safety zip tie.
              I ride on a flat rail trail or gravel roads, no 'big hits'
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            Such a wind chill @ 36*F !
            Click image for larger version  Name:	3C8D1ED2-62FE-4AAA-90A0-6D46B204C2D6-755-0000005504879288.JPG Views:	0 Size:	997.6 KB ID:	120448
            Cruiser Bars

            Click image for larger version  Name:	EF394F4E-135A-4186-8C78-7E172E740F3C-755-000000550D57C126.JPG Views:	0 Size:	890.1 KB ID:	120444
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            Click image for larger version  Name:	5A51AE00-A902-4EF1-8251-3DA154570398-542-00000033CEC577A9.JPG Views:	0 Size:	631.7 KB ID:	120447
            My Wolf
            Waiting Spring 2021
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            • Mike_V
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              I was able to ride so much during our 'January Thaw'
              Not so fast, it's Frozen February

            Which motor size did you use for the BBS kit? I am wondering if there are clearance issues with the chain stays using the standard, 68mm size or did you go to 100mm?


            • Mike_V
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              I used the smaller lighter Luna BBS02 68-73 which fits the bike ( ~70 mm BB ) so well I can use all 9 rear cogs with a 44T CR no interference only a few spacer washers on the (2) 10mm bolts

            I'm pretty sure he used the BBS02 which only comes in the 68-73. If he did it with that you should be able to do it with the BBSHD. The HD has a larger gearbox so may need a few more MM of spacers than an O2 would but they seemed to know that so they made it like 5-10mm longer to give us more room for spacers.