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Motors and voltage

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    Motors and voltage

    I'd like to use ryobi 40v batteries, since I already have them, to do a retrofit on a commuter bike, but all the electric motor kits close to that voltage I can find are either 36 or 48 volts.

    From what I can glean it would be better to go with overvolting a 36v than undervolting a 40v - anybody have suggestions or experience?

    I have to agree because it is common place for a 48v BHSD mid drive motor to use 52V batteries so You should be good with a 36v motor


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      Near as I can tell overcharging (a bit is good for motors if you dont go crazy but wears circuitry out faster.

      Circuitry presumably adds some resistance but I also presume that lowering the voltage would kick up the ampd s bit and cause heat in the motor again -

      Lol. I should know this 0o.

      So: 36v underpowered? What would range/milage look like with 2@40v?

      I'm thinking a booster here and there, reasonably mild hills, faster starts with a trailer for instance, but there are longer hills here, standing starts are bitch (nw Albuquerque/Rio Rancho, haven't really routed it yet) any flywheel chargers or is that still sci fi? Old friction headlight generators?

      Uphill coming back from the river and traffic is murder.

      Can you dual gear or something to match/control torque, or am I talking out my ass?

      Currently in farmington, lots of fools on electrics, bicyclics and 4 wheelers kinda owned the street for a while! :)

      New world, new order one way or the other, make it good - grow up, wear your mask, dont cough on granny, and QUIT spitTing on the baby!