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Salsa Beargrease Fat Bike Build

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    Salsa Beargrease Fat Bike Build

    For my first build I chose a carbon fiber fat bike...just like the capable look of it, ever though mostly for the street. A quick narrative:
    The donor was a 2014 Salsa Beargrease Carbon.

    -Had to grind the motor considerable to fit, but as noted elsewhere there is plenty of material there
    -First controller from Bafang was bad - they sent me a replacement gratis
    -Biggest aesthetic/practical challenge is routing all the wires!

    Parts List:
    • Bafang BBSHD motor
    • Luna 52V Wolfpack battery
    • Luna 500c Display
    • Luna 40T alloy chainring
    • Surly Open Bar handlebar
    • Odi Grips
    • Planet Bike Big Buck fenders - front modified to fit my bike
    • upgraded front Avid disc to a 203mm
    • Arisun Big Smoothy 26 x 4" tires for better rolling on the road
    • $20 Amazon headlight, wired directly into battery
    • Lezyne Taillight
    • Lezyne Brass Bell
    • Amazon chain stay mounted kick stand - very sturdy, very convenient
    • Ebay plastic fat bike fender cut in half and mounted on downtime to keep muck off battery, etc
    • Amazon waterproof small frame bag
    Performance Notes:
    • Programmed display for 18" wheel instead of 26" per online suggestions - 35 mph on flat road
    • Did not install brake sensors - what's the point?
    • Shift sensor not installed....the freewheel and chain are definitely going to be a weakness
    • Level 4 and 5 drain the battery very quickly - only seeing about 20 miles per charge at this level
    • Have not weighed it, but stock was about 29 lbs..... so I'm guessing around high 40's....

    Overall, very pleased with the result and the suppliers have been very good. This is a great form of transportation (weather permitting).

    Click image for larger version

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    NB: Tires pictured are not Big Smoothies, installed after photos taken


      Looks good.

      Why 18" ? I have not heard of that. Is that a cheat for systems that don't let you alter the speed limit? Or does it do something else? On the 500c speed limit is one of the settings and then I would expect a wheel size of around 27 would get you a reasonably accurate reading if you even care that its accurate. If you bought from Luna as a 'hot rod' the speed limit comes preset higher than 20, I don't remember what but for sure higher.

      I like the brake sensors because they pretty much kill the motor instantly. With assist there is a little lag that depending on what kind of riding you are doing can be really annoying but if you have good brakes they should be able to slow you down. Also can be used like a clutch during shifting if you don't have a gear sensor.

      Level 4 and 5 of 5? If so try switching to assist 9 in the 'more' menu on the 500c. That doesn't change the max level of assist just gives you finer control which I think makes gives the rider much more control when using the assist. I find on settings over 3(of 9) that just casual pedaling will tend to accelerate you. Great if that is your goal but for riding with others especially non E bikers or just in an area where its not considerate or safe to go fast I think its really annoying.

      My 250 lbs and my bike, a Pugsley with lots of extra crap on it likely weigh a bit more than you and yours plus there are 2 different amp hour wolf packs that would make a range difference but to me it sounds about normal or even on the good side. Running pavement with 30 psi 29 slicks, mostly level 3 assist, and an average speed around 12 I can usually do 20 miles and still have a green bar on the battery. If I run assist 2 and don't use the throttle and no speed runs I have done 30 but that is often into the red on the meter.

      I have also observed that unless you are very skinny and riding in a tuck position all the time around 15mph is where the wind resistance really seem to become a factor and every extra MPH more takes exponentially more power so if that is the kind of riding you want or need to do you are just going to need more battery if you need more range.