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2004 Santa Cruz Blur build

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    I did another trail ride this morning, and I think this program is pretty well hammered out to my satisfaction on my Nomad. With proper hydro brake sensing and shift sensor, I have excellent control no matter how much power level is selected. That said, the roll into power is very smooth. This was the most annoying feature of this motor on the first real mountain bike ride. You really had to watch your pedal inputs at key times as far as corners, obstacles, etc. The throttle was also twitchy as heck. The overrun, or power after pedaling stopped, was also tricky. Those elements on the pedal assist tab like start current, slow-start, crank trigger, and the others were critical to removing this, and start current was especially critical to the throttle. So far I'm loving this motor application on a mountain bike. I read and heard a lot of negativity as to how this mid-drive kit would be a poor choice for real mountain biking. I'm not seeing that at all. A top drawer factory emtb like a Trek, Specialized, etc. is smoother, but the BBSHD is more than smooth enough once you knock off the rough edges.