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BBS02 MTB & Beach Cruiser

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    BBS02 MTB & Beach Cruiser

    Back in 2015 I built these 2 bikes: a well used, once top of the line hardtail mtb, and a bone stock Electra cruiser I bought used off of craiglist.

    My goal was a lightweight and stealth build for both bikes. Light enough for my significant other to carry up a flight of stairs, and something wasn't an obvious ebike at first glance. The mtb barely weighed 20 lbs to begin with, so it was going to be a light ebike, but the beach cruiser was pretty heavy, even with the aluminum frame. Stripping non essential parts and buying some lighter ones, the cruiser ended up weighing 39 pounds with the motor installed.

    They've served me well, each has thousand miles on 'em, and still adding to that weekly. Only made a few changes over the years... upgraded the displays to color, put Lekkie 160mm cranks on both, put the original cruiser bars back on, and off-road tires on the mtb.

    But lately I've been itching for an upgrade...

    The question is, do I buy a new built ebike, build one myself, or upgrade the ones already I have? I really like both bikes, and wouldn't mind upgrading. Also wouldn't mind something new with a Ludi v2 upgrade or something similar.

    The mtb could use a new lightweight set of disc wheels, and upgrade the brakes to disc. Maybe a twist throttle and some new bars as well. The bike shifts great, even under load, is super nimble, and fun to ride on or off-road. But especially single track.

    The cruiser could use a brake upgrade too, new saddle, bars, wheels, and an IGH. The cruiser is fun to throttle around, or just putt around the bay. Super stable at speed, which makes me want to upgrade the gearing or motor for a faster ride. Right now it's gearing limited to 26 mph.

    I really like the Electra cruiser. What kind of battery packs do you have in the seat bags?
    "I need another SimuLatte"


      Thanks. Multistar Lipo in both bags.

      In the cruiser 48V 10Ah, and 8Ah in the mtb. I also have a 52V pack that run in the mtb from time to time. The 10Ah pack also fits in the mtb bag.

      Decided to upgrade the bikes a bit, bought some parts, mostly for the cruiser. New seat/post/clamp, bars, grips to freshen things up. IGH incoming with rear disc.
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