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The most beautiful and specially designed electric scooter in the world

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    The most beautiful and specially designed electric scooter in the world

    hi all,

    I have just started a project that I want to share with you, I would like to talk about it.

    For a long time, about 10 years... I wanted to make an electric bike. But I couldn't find the opportunity. Until now. It all started with an electric bike that I saw and bought at a chain store.
    I liked it very much but only for 1 day. Then: "I wondered how I could make this faster and more powerful?" I started to think, believe me, from the very first day...

    Here are the videos I've published and will publish will be about making this idea, this vehicle of my dreams, into reality, moreover, the majority of which I created from scrap and discarded materials...

    You are a craftsman with mad skills. Keep 'em comin.
    "I need another SimuLatte"


      Wow, that sounds like an incredible project! It's always so exciting to see someone bring their dream to life, especially with something as unique as an electric bike. It would be interesting to see what you will come up within the future and follow along with your videos. It's also great to see that you're using recycled materials and giving them new life. I'm sure others will be inspired by your creativity and resourcefulness. By the way, have you considered marketing this scooter as the best electric scooter for adults 250 lbs ? I know there are many people who struggle to find a scooter that can support their weight, so it could be a great selling point for your product.
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