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26" Kick scooter electric hub wheel

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    26" Kick scooter electric hub wheel

    I've got a 26" hub wheel, controller, throttle etc that I want to put to use. I was thinking of an electric kick scooter Schwinn Adult Shuffle scooter 26"

    Otherwise I'd have to re-lace it to fit 16" wheel and get a 16" kick scooter.

    Also if the hub motor itself end up being something like 13" exactly, is it okay to find 13" tube, and tire and just put it straight on without spokes? Will this damage the motor or anything?

    Does anyone have any experience putting together something like this? I would need a donor kick scooter with some room for the controller. I was going to just use the 52v 30q mighty mini cube battery I already have put in my backpack and run cable from the handle bars perhaps. The controller is rated at 35A and up to 60V
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      There are small scooter style motors that can take a tire, but not the versions at Luna or from a majority of sellers. Most would be much wider than the rear dropouts. That would be a perfect fit for the Smart Pie V5 front kit. It will also run on 36V. However since there's no pedals or pedal assist available you'll use up battery power much faster running on throttle alone. I still think it would be fun. What is the fork width and the rear dropout width?

      A 16" rear would be cool too. I'd lean towards a small gear drive rear motor.
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        Thanks for the reply Louis. Yeah I was just trying to make use of a kit I already had at home 26" hub motor wheel. The donor kick scooter doesnt have to be the one listed above, anything with a 26" wheel (I was thinking of mounting it on the front - easier to lock up etc). I dont know the dropout dimensions for the above scooter either. Wish I had an angle grinder and welder, I'd just buy a cheap bike of craigslist and go nuts

        I guess that 52v mighty mini cube would run out pretty quickly with throttle only, I have other 48v batteries lying around including this super heavybeast (on the left) harvested from e-bike scooter. Not sure what cells it uses but they seem to have a crap load more than one on the right (both are 48v 20ah apparently, but I suppose when you order batteries from Aliexpress who knows what you're getting)

        On a side note, battery on the left was setup to charge and discharge from the same terminals. I've since removed it from the case and put the lead acid back in to sell the e-bike cheaply. Charging and discharging from the same point is okay right? I always thought that the only reason there are usually seperate charging points for other batteries is so that I can be hooked up to the ebike setup and charged without having to unplug the discharge cable etc. and usually the charging wires are smaller since the only need to carry 3amp for charging right?
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