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    trek stache 7

    this is my 4th build. trek stache 7. it has a few different things on it now that are not in the photo that have made it better. lots of problem solving with this one. not cheap either. it's fun for mountain bike trails but can't come close to tackling the terrain that a 300cc 2 stroke can in the woods.

    ebikes are fun to build and the throttle makes them waaaay more fun to ride for people who like... fun.

    luna cycles has really made building these possible. thanks Eric.

    if anyone in alabama needs a hand building something get in touch with me on Instagram @xc_trail_guy

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20211214_224232.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.84 MB ID:	145532
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    What did you have to do so that you could get the chain to not rub? I have a stache 7 and am not having any luck so far.


      The picture tells the story -

      - Single speed (with upper teens sprocket)
      - Chain tensioner
      - Smaller front chain ring (42 tooth)?
      - Lower chainstay guard

      Overall, it having gears in the rear was tried and had a lot of issues (from previous forum posts). Going single speed solved that by having a consistent drivetrain. The tradeoff is speed or torque - depending on how you set it up. This makes that trade by calculating what gear will fit without rubbing and living with the result. Also having gears in the system is less strong - even with the gear sensor. The motor will always have more torque then any human, and thus what typical drivetrains are designed for.

      I could see going small in the front (28, 36 tooth is available) and going larger rear - but in the Stache case, this may cause upper chainstay rub without a chain tensioner somewhere around the chain stay. Smaller rear should have a stronger sprocket.


        Sturmey Archer makes some 3 speed IGH hubs with casette splines and disc brakes.They're considered to be tough. Surly makes some splined single speed cogs in various sizes. They could be spaced in and out on the casette splines. With multi speed chains you don't have to be real precise with chainline. They run crooked most of the time anyway.
        Surly cogs