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My sikk ss aluminum fat tire cruiser build

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    My sikk ss aluminum fat tire cruiser build

    This is my thread documenting the build up of a SIKK Bicycles SS Aluminum Fat Tire Cruiser. This is my first build ever and this is probably the worst bike anyone could pick for their first build. Its been challenging but lots of fun. The first picture you see is the bike in its stock form. It has a Sturmey 3sd IGH, tapered head tube, 26X4 Sandstorm Tires and disc brakes.

    For the first set of mods I removed the handlebars, stem and seat. They were replaced with Race Face stem and handlebars and Bontrager seat. The bike looks like its uncomfortable but actually its not. I rode it in the stage one modified form on a 15 mile ride and it was fine.

    Next was the Bafang BBSHD kit. This is where I ran into problems. From my measurements it looked like the motor would fit perfectly. I had to get the extra fat version of the kit and felt it would install with no problems. Famous last words. What I didn't know until I tried to install the motor is the bottom bracket shell is not the same diameter all the way through. It took me two days of "porting" to get the motor to slide in with no problems. Finally it fit with no issues. The only minor problem I have is the bike originally came with a chain guard. One of the tabs is in the way of the motor and wont let me rotate it up any closer to the frame. I may eventually break down and remove the tab but for now I'm leaving it alone.

    The next issue that came up is the chain line is way off. I purchased Luna's Eclipse chain ring and the spacer which should fix the problem. I'll also need a longer and stronger chain since the Luna chain ring is larger than the stock one.

    Next step was hooking up all the electronics. I also tried to hide all the wires the best I could. I ordered from Amazon a Mucky Nutz gut fender to mount on the bottom tube of the frame. This will hide the wire coming from the motor up to the handlebars. Again from Amazon I bought a set of neoprene wire covers. These are actually used for hiding audio wires but will work in this application as well. I'll be able to bundle the wires inside the cover and make it look like there are only three large wires going to the bars. I'm still waiting on these items to come in so the jury is out on how well this will work.

    I had a custom battery and case made for the bike. The whole assembly measures 11X4X3 and will mount in front of the rear wheel. I'm still waiting for the case to come in but I included pics of the battery. Its specs are 52V and 17AH.

    For now the build is on hold until I get the parts I've ordered but hope to have it completed by next weekend. Stay tuned for more updates..................

    Cool bike, thanks for sharing the build. Looking forward to updates... good luck!


      I LOVE that frame!


        Very cool!


          Looking forward to a build report


            A lot of Cromoly frames are internally tapered. They are fat at the tips to make a solid weld easier to achieve. They taper to being very thin in their centers to make the tube lighter, so it's not so bad about the fact that the tube is steel.

            This is the first I've read about a model of bike having a BB-shell being fatter in the center, but it makes sense, because that's where the frame tubes are welded on.

            Thanks for posting this, because the Sikk is a fatbike line that was on my short-list of choices when I bought an Electra. I am sure that many others will find that the Sikk suits them well, and it's good to know ahead of time what is required to get it to work...


              Thanks for the kudos guys. Yeah I guess I'm the first on this style bike. I know others have done BBSHD installs on their steel bike. So far the biggest problems people will encounter is the bottom bracket needs to be ported to allow the motor to fit. Next is the bike came with a chain guard and one of the tabs prevents the motor from being rotated tight against the frame. I will most likely eventually break down and cut this tab off but for now I'm leaving it alone. Mounting a battery on the bike will also be a pain in the arse. I had a custom battery and case made for the bike. Its supposed to be delivered today so I'll be able to report back on how that works out soon. Also had to buy a LUNA ECLIPSE chain ring and spacer to get the chain line correct and I'll need a new chain because the original KMC chain is not long enough. Then there is the routing and hiding of the multiple wires.

              The SIKK SS Aluminum Cruiser is really a cool bike but it's probably not the best choice for the first time builder like myself. So far I've done everything myself so if I can complete this build without any help from my local LBS it will be extremely satisfying. Stay tuned for more updates .......................


                What are the details on that custom battery you had built?





                  New update. The custom battery case came in today and it turned out awesome!!! I had the case made by a company named Protocase Inc. The battery is a custom battery measuring 11X4X3. It's 52V and 17AH. It was built by Lindsey Nguyen, she is a member in the Sondors Owners Group on FB (Yes I have a Sondors on the way). She has several batteries for the Sondors so I got her to make one for me. Attached are pics of the battery case and it mocked up on the bike using zip ties. I need to come up with a permanent mounting this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates..............

                  Click image for larger version

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                    That is so sweet to have 17-Ah in that location. Thanks for posting that!


                      So my latest build is a SIKK fat wheel bike which I bought online for $399. The reason for this bike purchase was because I'm 6' 2" and most times when

                      I'm not sure if you've seen the thread of my bike build similar to yours. I've done two of them so far and didn't have any problem with the bottom bracket but mine is a steel frame. Both of them did get a little stuck but I just tapped it with a rubber mallet.

                      I love the size of the frame because I'm 6 foot 2 and I still feel small when I sit on it. I haven't updated ny thread but recently I put on new expensive rims hydraulic brakes and an upgraded cassette


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                        Sorry it took so long for me to reply guys, been busy lately. Actually your build is what inspired me to do mine. There is a difference between the aluminum framed bike and the steel frame that I wasn't aware of. I thought the BBSHD would fit no problem based on your install. Apparently there is as my bike had a little extra material in the bottom bracket shell that had to be removed before the BBSHD would fit properly. Once I ported it out the motor fits like a glove. In retrospect had I known I would have chosen another bike to build up but live and learn I guess. It works now and that's all that counts.

                      I'd love to do that with the Sikk 7-speed. Would that custom battery case fit in the same place on the steel frame? I guess they don't make a 7-speed in the aluminum frame.


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                        They do make the 7 speed in the aluminum framed bike. Just be prepared to modify the bottom bracket shell in order for the BBSHD to fit.

                      New update, sorry no pictures but I'll fill you in on my progress. I got and installed the Luna Eclipse chain ring which fixed my chain line problem perfectly. I also went back to the company who made the custom battery case for some brackets to mount it to the bike. Nothing I found or came across worked or looked the way I wanted it to. I'm waiting on those to come in which will keep the nice clean look to the bike. I also need a buy a new chain as the KMC the bike came with isn't long enough. Lastly I ordered some XT90 connectors from Luna and will solder them on the motor harness when they get in. So I'm so close to being finished with the build, just a few items to take care of and then I'll charge her up and see how it rides. Can't wait!!!


                        Nice looking bike! Glad to hear it worked out for ya, battery case looks sweet! 8)


                          Awesome build!! Please update when you finish. I can't wait to see the complete project and read the specs on your first rides. It looks like the build was worth the few problems you had over all. One of the better builds I've seen. Keep up the great work.