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My sikk ss aluminum fat tire cruiser build

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    Originally posted by JVG1967 View Post
    New update. The custom battery case came in today and it turned out awesome!!! I had the case made by a company named Protocase Inc. The battery is a custom battery measuring 11X4X3. It's 52V and 17AH. It was built by Lindsey Nguyen, she is a member in the Sondors Owners Group on FB (Yes I have a Sondors on the way). She has several batteries for the Sondors so I got her to make one for me. Attached are pics of the battery case and it mocked up on the bike using zip ties. I need to come up with a permanent mounting this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates..............

    This a very nice battery dimension. It would be great if Luna could offer this size pack ;-)

    Also curious what was the weight of that bike prior to conversion? Nice looking bike but looks heavy.
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      Click image for larger version

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      The build is basically done, I just haven't had the time to update this thread. Here is the most recent picture of the bike. I've since added Avid BB7 brakes with 203mm and 180mm rotors. Also added Origin8 chain tensioners to keep the wheel from sliding forward. Happened twice on me. Here are the specs of the build:

      Bike: SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Cruiser

      Luna Cycles Bafang BBSHD Kit - 1500 watts

      Electric Bike Wolrd 52v custom spec battery - 52v 17ah

      Luna Cycles Eclipse 42T chain ring - custom painted

      Protocase built custom battery case and mount

      SKS Fat Board Fenders

      Race Face Atlus Stem and Handlebars

      Izumi 1/8 Track Chain

      Bontrager Montrose Saddle

      Ergon GS1 grips for 3 spd gear hub

      Avid BB7 brakes 203mm rotors (soon to be added)

      I also have a Suntour suspension seat post on order to smooth out the ride a little. I've done two rides so far, mostly just shake down rides but so far I'm please with the performance. Especially since the bike weighs every bit of 50 lbs or more. First run I did 25mph in second gear on a slight incline. On a fairly short but flat street I hit 29 mph in third and had to slow down because I was running out of road. The bike was still pulling so I know it has more in it. Next ride will be this weekend and will be basically a test and adjustment ride. Then I plan to do a range test using the PAS to see how many miles I can get out of the battery. Stay tuned for more updates!!!!


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        Would you mind posting a good picture of the left side the bike showing how the BBSHD fits the Bottom Bracket area? I've tried searching on the web for a closeup of the Bottom Bracket area taken from the left side on this bike but no pictures to be found.

        And what size is the BB?

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        There is a good photo on page one of this thread.

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        Never mind I missed that a you posted a good picture of the BB from the left side that is on the first page of this thread. The picture of the BB can be expanded real big if you click on it. So disregard my previous request.

      Nice looking bike! I am very impressed by the BBSHD, I hope to build one up in the near future : )

      I have to say, for the price, power and ease of install & use, I cannot think of a better system on the market, especially now that there is a 50 amp controller available! >:D


        Just some notes and observations after completing the build and going on some rides.

        1. Had a problem with the rear wheel moving forward which was solved by installing Origin8 chain tensioners. They had to be drilled out a bit with a dremel but they work perfectly.

        2. The custom battery case is made by a company named Protocase. They designed the case and manufactured it. Since it's a one off custom design it's not cheap, the case and bracket to mount it cost a total of $300.00. Expensive but necessary for the clean look.

        3. Judging how much battery is left is a pain in the *** with the Luna display. I have a 52v battery so it doesn't read the correct voltage until a certain point and then it keeps fluctuating during the ride.

        4. Battery is a 52V 17ah battery from It's not a stocked item so you will have to email them and ask about it.

        5. The three speed gear hub is great for accelerating but with the 42T Luna Eclipse chain ring I'm peddling like a mad gerbil on crack at 30 mph.

        6. Get a suspension seat post if you like your kidneys, I got the Suntour NCX. You will need a shim to fit it.

        7. The stock brakes suck, ditch them for Avid BB7's. I used 203mm rotors in front and 180mm in the rear.

        Lastly, this wasn't an easy build, at least not for me as it's the first one I've ever done. The bottom bracket has to be opened up a tad with a dremel for the BBSHD to fit properly and I had to use some expensive custom parts to complete the bike. Having said that I am very happy with the bike, it's very quick and a lot of fun to ride.


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          Do you recall what size shim you had to use for the suntour NCX?

        • SIKKB
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          Never mind, a useful skill called reading helps, the stock seat post is stamped with the diameter, 30.4 mm.

        I went to Sikk's site and I can see that those are factory tires. How do you like them and do they say who makes them? My Electra just says they are Electra tires.


          I think these are the tyres you are looking at.. I have only been able to find them on Passion Ebikes store.. Have a look.. I have also been considering a pair for road use..


            They are Origin8 Supercells 26X4.0. They came with the bike. The tires are decent but I want something a little wider and with more grip. Check out Vee Tire's Apache Fatty Slick which is supposed to be out soon.


              Originally posted by Sebz
              I really have to tell you, this build is awesome! Big congrats, clean, classy, bit chopper bit cruiser bit regular fat bike....

              It's perfect!

              The only thing I would add is a double crown rigid black fork like the vintage electric.....ORRRR the inverted double crown fork like the Vintage electric scrambler :

              I would love to add either fork to the bike but I'm not sure I can purchase them separately from Vintage Electric and at what price.


                Some more recent pics of the completed build. Bike runs great and is still going strong!


                  That fork is only $1150.


                    Help with forks on my SIKK bike. I too have a SIKK bike but it the steering tube is only 1" thick and I cant find too many options for front suspension forks. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


                    Originally posted by SDharlie View Post
                    Help with forks on my SIKK bike. I too have a SIKK bike but it the steering tube is only 1" thick and I cant find too many options for front suspension forks. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
                    I have the same problem with my Electra and I have been trying to think of an easy way to modify the frame for a 1 1/8" steering tube. Then I saw a post over on The member there had a 1 1/8" threaded tube welded to a straight tube fork to keep factory quill stem.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    I think our best course of action is to get a fork and modify it to the bike and not the other way around. Of course a careful plan is needed because the price of a fork, machining and welding could be the price of our basic bikes.


                      Originally posted by calfee20 View Post
                      Yeah, um, not happening


                        So what are my options. To cut off and weld on a new steering tube that will accommodate better options for forks?


                        • JVG1967
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                          Do you have the same frame as mine or do you have the standard model? I think it's called the UFO fat tire cruiser. Look at the springer fork at the bottom of this page:
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                        I have the SIKK bike that came with a rear cassete and metal frame. Not the Single speed and not the aluminum frame. The steering tube is definitely 1 inch. I would love to find some downhill style forks without having to weld a new steering tube on.