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My Respect cycles mini velo build with BBSHD

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    My Respect cycles mini velo build with BBSHD

    It took a lot of emails to get the company to ship out the bike( ordered sept 29), but it finally arrived today! I would be very hesitant to order from them since they basically said 3 times the bike shipped out but days passed with no tracking. Finally they made a label but again missed the ship date. They did end up sending a brand new bike though :) ( I ordered a demo).

    I ordered all my electric parts from Luna Cycles and they all were on the truck by the next day! I ordered the BBSHD with the color display, internal gear hub shift sensor (still trying to decide on what gearing to get), twist throttle, and the 42 tooth Luna aluminum chainring. Battery of choice was the 52v GA Shark Pack w/ the Luna 300v charger.

    Install of the kit was pretty straight forward. Bottom bracket came off easy since the bike is new. When installing the BBSHD, I had to use the thinnest spacer in order to allow motor mount bracket to get a solid bite into the bottom bracket housing. Wiring in the brake levers went quick and easy.

    The only issue I really ran into was mounting the battery since this bike does not have cage mounts. What I ended up doing was make some pins the length of the mounting holes from old Dremel bits. Then I used worm clamps and pinched an end to hook on the pin (see picture). The rear is currently a zip tie because I couldn't find a second in the house.
    Click image for larger version

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    I tried using two zip ties at first but the battery was not secured at all. One worm clamp tightened down with a socket wrench was more than enough to keep the battery in place, but will still put in a second for safety. I was able to jump off curbs and go on trails with no issues though :).

    Click image for larger version

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    This bike is exactly what I was aiming for. Meter says I rode around ~21 miles with lots of hills steep hills both on and off road and the display indicated around 51v at the end with load applied. Starting I believe was around 57v. The twist throttle is working well. I am able to control the motor to allowing me to peddle with some effort, but since I currently am single speed the motor spins too fast above 12 mph. Hopefully a torque sensor will be available in the future so that I don't have to modulate the motor with the throttle. Max speed right now is around 26 mph due to gearing.

    Thanks for all your help! Definitely want to make another in the future, maybe a mountain bike for all the trails around here

    Crazy first day commute to work the other day. Picked up spare inner tubes for the bike prior to commuting, my mistake for not reconfirming the size. Got a little excited after work and did some urban riding. Ended up mistiming a bunny hop and knicking the corner of the curb; tire went flat instantly. Installed replacement tube; too large. I was about 2 miles from the bus stop so I threw it in anyway hoping I would make it the two miles. Then I realized I left my cartridges at home :/ but thankfully I had just passed an auto shop.

    Filled up up with air and then out of nowhere it starts pouring rain ( San Diego hasn't had much rain). Wait in the shop for a break and continue on when it clears. Made it about a mile and walked the rest. Right before the stop it starts to pour again. End result; stopped at the bike shop and picked up 3 new tubes, a set of shwalbe marathon tires (the ones that came with the bike were terrible), and new pads.

    Verified gps accuracy. It seems like I hit around 38mph rolling on the downhills, anything after that the speedo sensor cuts the speed in half. Bike weight with an Allen set, chain tool, two tubes and 2 cartridges weigh in at 45 lbs including shark battery. I believe I am around 60 miles now.

    Sturmey archer 5 speed is on the way. I would like to be able to add some pedal effort to the rides so hopefully adding a larger chainring up front and smaller sprocket in the back in addition to the igh will allow me to add some effort above 9 mph. Considering 160mm crank arms as well eventually to be able to spin a little faster.