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Mid Drive #1: BBS02 Fito Modena GT 2 Fat Tire Cruiser

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    Really glad I found this thread, great build sir, it looks awesome! I have been eyeing this same exact bike on amazon for awhile to do a build as I love the Vintage Electric bikes, but could never justify 4-5k for an electric bike. I am wanting to get this bike and put a Luna cyclone on it, mainly because it’s cheaper and more powerful. I want to be able to climb the hills in my area without even having to pedal unless I really want to. Also speed. Would I be crazy to try this?


    • tklop
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      I think the Cyclone 3K (or 4K) will fit fine, and if inside the triangle, won't affect ground-clearance.

      I say, go for it!

      Good luck with your project, whatever you decide

      Take care,


    • Jdbaldwin51
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      Thank you!

    I'm building the same bike with exception of the rear rack and batteries plus I used the bbshd a, installed off road tires
    and a trigger shifter on mine . I also used and extended adjustable stem to get the bars up higher . I just need to solder the wires and fittings and she's done .
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