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BBSHD w 52v GA on 2006 Kona Explosif Steel Frame Hardtail for 50 mi RT commute

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    BBSHD w 52v GA on 2006 Kona Explosif Steel Frame Hardtail for 50 mi RT commute

    Hey everyone - I started my build on a used CL Jamis Dakar full suspension bike with BB7 disc brakes (bought for around $160). That bike was OK, but I just didn’t like the way it handled and it just felt a little heavy. I am a pretty experienced rider so I felt comfortable trying this kit out on a steel frame hardtail. I found the Kona use don CL for $350, it has high end components, and very well taken care of. Disc brakes are a requirement for me - The Elixr 5 disc hydro brakes certainly fit the bill. Right after purchasing and riding the bike home (without the kit of course), I knew this bike would be the one. The frame so rigid – it really is explosive. It is very light weight as well. This is actually my first steel frame since my first MTN bike my dad got me when I was about 10 or 11 years old. It’s awesome.

    BBSHD kit with 52v GA shark pack and 300w advanced charger.

    My commute is just about 25 miles each way from SW Denver up into Broomfield. 814 feet up, 734 feet down on the way to work. 60% paved trail, 40% street.

    With the Vittoria Revolution city tires, this bike picked up an additional 2 or 3 mph to the average. These are VERY fast tires. I had them inflated to the max and learning their cornering characteristics… that was a bad idea, my entire left side of my body is covered in road rash after the front end washed out and I lowsided in front of some roadies… embarrassing…

    I wanted to make sure I could have enough juice to make it one way off an 80% charge. I have not really taken it over PAS 2 except for just a couple areas of slight downhill that I wanted to get a high speed on – of which I have exceeded 46 mph. I don’t think my speedo is very far off either, that’s in a 40 mph zone and I am at the same speed as the cars (who of course are speeding slightly just like me). The new build is most certainly very very much faster than the old build.

    My first 6 rides I charged her up to 100% at the advice of other posters. Today was my first day to ride on an 80% charge, I started with 56.4 volts displayed and ended with 45.9. Not bad. My trip takes about 40 minutes one way, so I am averaging close to 30 mph including stops. I never stop pedaling and am most certainly exerting the same level of energy as I would on my NA commuter. This bike is an absolute beast.

    New bike rode so well I almost didn't want to kit it...

    Switching everything over....

    Fully kitted after the commute into work:

    The pictures don't work for me. :(

    I'd love to see the build! I'm not sure what hosting website you are using but you may need to set the images to public instead of private.


      Thanks for letting me know - so this was a pain. Google Photos won't link through for you guys, I hosted them on Imgur and was pasting them inline but they came throuhg as a HUGE resolution.. so sigh. Just posting the Imgur link for the pics for now:

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        I love the dropouts and caliper bracket setup on your bike.
        My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD


          Neat! 46 mph is quite a number! Down a big hill? Lower gear WOT, pedals going faster than you can keep up for max motor, or cadence you could keep up with? TBH I've never really tried a max speed run, I've hit mid 30's on my fat bike, on a short local (1/4 mile?) downhill, but not sure what it could really do.
          Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


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            I have never hit top speed on my BBSHD fat (and overweight) bike but have gotten >35mph (GPS - not some speed gauge that is calibrated optimistically) on straight and level and it's funny... I raced motos both on dirt at more than twice that speed and the local hard tracks at more than four times that speed and the bike was far scarier at 30+mph...