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Trek Shift2 Comfort Hybird Conversion with BBS02 Mid drive

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    If anybody asks you what the battery is tell them it's a N02 powered jet pack and the button on the handlebars engages the boost, invite them to go ahead and push the button, see if you get any takers.


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      That is not far from the can almost wheelie with the derailleur in 1st gear. Doughnuts on wet grass are no problemo, amazing for a "pedaled" ride. She has had a couple of people ask why she has such a big water bottle though. Would be nice to have a smaller version that actually was sized near the size of a real water bottle, good for a 10-15 mile ride, that would be a great stealth ride, and really eat up the skinny bike riders up when she could blow them away on her "hybrid" ride.