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BBSHD on a Sun EZ-3 USX-HD

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    I converted my 2009 EZ-3 USX HD to an electric bike using an ebikekit this last year. I will not go into the details at this time. I have ridden over 225 miles so far.
    Three comments;
    1. I cannot pedal anymore because of bad knees, and have to use a recumbent because of major balance issues.
    To address the pedal issue I disconnected all the chain from all the sprockets by using zip ties to secure it. I then removed one pedal and aligned it with the opposite pedal so I have free-swinging foot rests using the pedals. I found that my knees were hurting if using the pedals opposite each other.
    2. Transport and storage can be a problem with a heavy and long trike like the Sun EZ-3 USX HD.
    For storage in the garage it can be tilted vertical so the back rest and rear wheels are sitting on the ground.
    For transport I purchased a metal folding cargo carrier that is attached to my trailer hitch receptacle. Because the carrier is only 29" wide the trike will not fit within the frame. That means I roll it on with ramps and have it sideways. There are other alternatives I have not done yet.
    I am attaching pictures of the storage position and the transport position. The transport includes our Pedego trike too. Last fall we transported them over 600 miles on a trip to Pismo Beach.
    3. I am using it as an Other Power -Driven Mobility Device (OPDMD) under the ADA. That gives me many more places to use it, including where many bikes could not be used. I added my Disability Placard too, just as extra insurance. It is not required.


      The title is confusing. BBSHD is a mid drive kit, and you have a front hub motor. Nothing wrong with that, but not the same thing. I'm guessing you have a Bafang hub motor?


        [QUOTE] Spend a lot of time picking bugs out of my teeth because I can't stop grinning!!!!

        It is honestly true that you can recognize a lucky cyclist by a large number of flies on his teeth ...


 still have the linkage for sale...i would like to buy it...