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Soul STOMPER, BBSHD plus custom manufactured parts buildup

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    Soul STOMPER, BBSHD plus custom manufactured parts buildup

    Hi all,

    Long (LONG) time lurker here, no stranger to ebike builds - My first is a Trek 4300 powered by a Solarbike 500W rear hub kit - A real street sleeper, you wouldn't guess it was electric at first. Love it to bits and use it as my daily rider in all weathers. I HATE driving cars with a passion, love all things 2 wheel (Motorcycles here too) and would rather ride my ebikes in the pouring rain than sit in traffic with the sheep...

    Anyway...Been looking at the Barfang BBSHD for quite a while and bought a kit from Rodney64 a while back...

    Have been searching for ages for a suitable bike to fit what I have in mind and finally found the one - A Copperhead Stomper from Soul Beach Cruisers...Its just the style I was after plus it has a 3 speed Sturmey Archer IGH which should make the chainrun a bit easier.....Time will tell how it holds up to the power of the motor..

    Looks pretty cool ay?

    Has a 100mm BB so the 120mm kit I bought from Rod fitted perfectly...No drama with removing the BB assembly - It came undone with finger pressure...not that good in one way really.. The IGH made lining up the chainwheels a piece of cake - I used the standard Barfang 46T chainwheel but might go for a Lekkie or Eclipse in the future....A 9mm spacer was needed behind the drive side of the BBH and a 10mm the other plus 9mm spacers for the serrated bracket...To the lathe we go...

    Ally spacers machined up and painted:


    BBSH Fitted up with custom spacers:


    Nice chain run (Looks a bit out in the pics - Its not):

    The BBSHD was really easy to fit up, Im impressed with the build quality overall. One thing I did have to modify was honing out the inner of the serrated bracket that had a small punch burr on it - no biggie - The only thing I want to do to finish the motor install is to machine up a socket to fit the grooved rounded nut that located the BBS , the Luna wrench isn't really up to the job I think.

    I also want to look at fabricating some sort of bracket to act as a torque arm to better locate the BBS body to stop the rotation I hear about...Is it a problem?

    Stainless Steel bling added for no reason whatsoever:

    So next on the agenda is fitting the electrics:

    Speed Sensor:

    And Display - This looks pretty good mounted over the stompers handlebar clamp I think:

    And heres where I have run into my first problem. The wiring harness that connects the dispay, throttle etc to the motor is a bit short as the stomper is pretty long, Its really the throttle cable that is the issue...Im going to have a go at lengthening it I think

    So thats where I'm up to so far - I havnt got round to getting a battery sorted yet..Too many other projects need attention too! Thinking of going 52V in a frame bag for this one - Thoughts?

    I'll also need a longer chain - What are peoples recommendations here?

    To sum up so far tho the stomper seems to be a great candidate for a BBS - Theres just so much room to fit everything in. Hydraulic discs are also a bonus.

    Ill post more updates as I get further into it..

    Hope you've all liked it so far! Cheers!

    Position the display to one side to gain cable length. Maybe run one brake cut off on the same side as the throttle. This will get you going while you get extensions or a longer main harness from Luna. From the looks of your bars you will probably need both.


      Hi mate

      Its not really the cables from the display thats the issue rather the harness that joins everything together...just the throttle cable really..cheers!


        I was at the Soul Bike shop recently, they have BBSHD prebuilt bikes now. He had someone make an integrated down tube battery for them. I almost did the same, and got one of these, but they get stolen in phoenix big time, so I opted for a regular bmx. Nice build though!


          Cheers dude, yea i did see their prebuilt one as well

          hope to be finishing this one soon