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    I tried some things. The first concept ended up in tears and snot after the plastic broke in the middle. It looked sturdy enough, but after I cut out the window for the display it was history, I glued it together just to see how would it work. I finally used the original lamp clamp as clamp for the display. I couldn't find a suitable place for the switch and I had to leave it on the bars. The first results were really not good, because the clamp is so bulky the display was protruding very... invasively. I finally realized that it would still work if I use the same hole for the lamp clamps and for the display clamp. Then finally the display came exactly where I wanted it originally. Still, I had to sacrifice the lamp position, I liked when it was down low. I found in my attic an old personall scale with a magnifying glass where the numbers were and I would love to use it for the display.


      So, wheels are being laced at the bike shop, they should call back in a few days. The new rear wheel will have a 7sp Shimano hub this time. The front lamp has an LED light bulb connected to an old bike LED lamp in that frame bag. I just ran wires from the bulb to the old lamp's contacts.


        I think the battery needs a plastic cup and a plaid sticker.

        Click image for larger version

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        Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


          No way. I finally got a real double crown fork - Rock Shoxx Domain. This made me order a new front wheel because of the through achsle so I used the opportunity to order a rear wheel as well. I switched to 7sp IGH. I also let them do the new wheels with black rims and the huge fork allowed me to have a 24" wheel in the front too. The XC32 was a really awesome fork, words are not enough to describe how much I enjoyed it, but it only allowed for 26" wheel.
          And since hte majority is laughing over my battery (and I never liked that silver finish) I made me some Felt logos.
          Also installed a longer stem (fun fact - this is the same stem I originally used as a second seat support) and the more gear range allowed me to switch back to the 46 chainring and the reccomended 18t rear sprocket.