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BBSHD 2016 Giant Fastroad SLR 2

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    BBSHD 2016 Giant Fastroad SLR 2

    I hymned and hawed but finally ended up just using my usual commuter bike instead of getting a bike just for this kit. I ordered a BBSHD because the bottom bracket is 86 mm wide so the BBS02 wouldn’t fit. So that was an easy choice and because I have a 45km (about 30 mile) round trip commute I got a 52V 13.5aH battery to help with range. The bike has a compact frame with 700x28 tires and should be quite fast for my commutes. I run 700x35 winters when needed (which is quite a lot up here in Canada).

    I was ultra excited when the kit was delivered but much to my dismay the pf41 adaptor I needed for the bottom bracket wasn’t in the box. Unfortunately I had to wait a few weeks while Luna figured out their issues and got the adaptor to me. Once I had it in my hands I got to work!

    First up I removed the tires and got the bike up on the rack. Once I had the chain removed and the front chainrings off, I took off the front derailleur and shifter along with the shifter cable and housing. Once that was all cleared away I cleaned out the bottom bracket with some bike cleaner then used my homemade pressfit tool to get the adaptor in. It was perfectly snug, and cut perfectly to length. It was really snug at the end so I didn’t quite get it all the way in, probably about .5 to 1 mm short of going all the way in. For anyone with a bb86 bottom bracket the pf41 cut to 86mm was perfect. I bought a park tool 90.3 bottom bracket tool to remove the old bottom bracket then used the bushings with some bolts and washers from Home Depot to make my press tool for the adaptor. 10 dollars and a couple wrenches was all that was needed.

    Once the adaptor was in I went to my local bike shop and got a new shifter cable and end caps for the rear derailleur. I got the cable into the housing and used a Dremel tool with a cutting bit to cut the cable housing for the gear sensor - worked like a charm. Got the gear sensor in and zip tied it down, then got the rear derailleur together and set up. To get the BBSHD to secure tightly to the bottom bracket I got two extra triangle ring washers which worked perfectly. I didn’t grind off the extra sides to make them round, no need since they’re out of the way.

    The battery holder was pretty easy following instructions on this site, I took the plastic cover off and drilled a hole so I could use the water bottle screws to hold it. I also used some paint protectors that are usually used to protect the frame from cable rub. I put some under the battery holder on the downtube and used pieces to protect the frame where the gear sensor and speed sensor are zip tied to the bike.

    Speaking of the speed sensor, because the spokes are so close to the chain stays I had to zip tie the sensor right to the chain stay and not use the holder with the sticky part. Seems to be in place pretty well but I’m not holding my breath if it gets bumpy. I’ll think up something more permanent soon, but for now it’s working.

    I’ve only tested the bike once for about five seconds as I still don’t have the adaptor required to charge my battery. The gear sensor works well and the throttle seemed to give me some good power. I got the Luna eclipse with a 48 tooth ring since my commutes are fairly flat and I can handle them with a big chainring even if the battery runs out. The chain line is decent, though the chain doesn’t sound great in the two largest cogs. Hopefully I won’t need those much, we will see how the bike does on the hills I have.

    I’m really disappointed that after waiting this long the bike is ready and I’m stuck waiting for something that should have come with the kit. Such is life I guess, but I’ve been pretty disappointed with the service throughout this process. I’ll update the post once I get the battery charged and give it a good ride.

    ill post pictures in a few minutes here.



      How is the chain line? Have you had any issues with the setup?


        No issues with chain line, and I had to power up a really steep short piece of trail each day with no issues. This bike was stinking fast - I would routinely ride 50km/h on the road with cars. I’ve since moved on to something else but this bike was amazing for my daily commuting. The only thing I would caution is to make sure the motor is on tight and isn’t putting pressure on the underside of the down tube - I ended up bending that part of the tube in a bit from the motor pushing up against it.