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My Giant Roam 1 disc 2017 with BBSHD

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    My Giant Roam 1 disc 2017 with BBSHD

    Hello you all,

    Since January this year, I have provided my giant with a BBSHD kit.
    I bought it on Amazon.
    Bike: Giant Roam disc 1, hydrolic brakes 10sp. cassette, crapy suntour front suspension (stock), and a suntour SP12-NCX saddle suspension.
    Kit: BBSHD with tube stay batterypack 48V 17,5Ah.
    Brakes: Upgraded to Shimano 180mm discs. With bafang hydrolic motor cutoff switches.
    Mudguards: SKS Urban Velo 42
    Carrier: Racktime Add-it
    Lights: A cheap china 13 Cree led headlight. In the future looking for a B&M IQ-X E 150 lumen connected on the bike batterypack. And on the back a clip on light.
    The mounting plate of the BBSHD is crap, so i made my own aluminum plate witch will welded on the frame.

    I build the bike to be a great commuterbike, now it's illigal in Holland, normally you need a licenseplate on it. But man, i love this bike, what a power, what a top speed (68km/h) and what an acceleration!

    @ 600km's I greased the gears with Mobil 28. It started to make some noise. Now i driven about 1800km's with it. 60km's a day and 4 day's in a week.

    Plan, building a new rear wheel, i allready broke 2 spokes. New cassette or something else, the 2 smaller cogs and chain are worn out. Now i've got a 10 speed cassette, i think a custom 5 speed cassette or a 3 speed nexus IGH will be enough. As i said, connecting a good head- and rearlight on the batterypack. It will be great if it works on the bafang lightswitch. Unfortunatelly i have the older version without the headlight cable from the controller. Mounting a lekkie bling ring. And a new saddle (my but hurts) :).

    I hope i learn a lot from this forum.

    Greets Kasper
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    That's one sweet build. I especially like the custom stabilizer bracket. Even though you live in cheese-city it's not a cheesy bit of kit.
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