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    Erik is more nuts than I. Watching his obsession reminded me he needs to ride more. Francesca came to me for a ride with the dogs and I was too busy taking the bikes apart. Fail, I need to ride more.

    Riding is the biggest part of the experimentation as well as mentally stabilizing. My multiple personalities disorder has my Real Snowbike Corp. split into departments. The test pilots should be riding all the time, but at least they need to be ready when special snow conditions arrive where we need comparisons. The mechanics feel the pressure to keep the test pilots on the snow, but blame purchasing. Purchasing can spend whatever they want and still can't get shit here fast enough.They can't even figure out what it is until it arrives.

    The bigger paddles came. Only one short test. Question is: how do they compare to the smaller ones. However remember paddles in general are the giant leap. Which paddle type works best is a small refinement. It may be a long time before I can test both tires in all conditions.

    Duh, I have passed over the most important thing. You can ride ON the snow with a derailleur, but not IN the snow. Not solving this first created a crisis and everything came to a stop until this was solved.

    My engineer and mechanics are dumber than purchasing. It should be easy to get a 170mm 3 speed into 190 frame. However with time more important than money the obvious solution was the Rohloff.

    Cycle Monkey is the US guy for Rohloff. I didn't get a response fast enough. (answer the phone every time and email within an hour is too high an expectation for anybody outside our corporation.) However this poor guy is even closer to me than Skat Trak. I grabbed a Clown Shoe rim, jumped in the car and quoted the immortal words of Elwood: "we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses."

    The address is a variety of places in a very nice industrial complex. The only indication of the cycle monkey unit was the monkey face symbol visible in the window. This is not a place one just walks in. So I walked right in. Here is a rim, make me a wheel.

    Pressing the flesh is still the way to go. Almost ready to go with the Rohloff. Today the skewer arrives. Might be too busy to post. Merry Christmas everyone.

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      It has been too long. So the latest tire is 20 small paddles. Adding more has increased the side bite, the next might have 22.

      The crazy thing is I am alone. Even the simple fat bike thing isn't taking off although everyone ohhhs and awwwws. The 2018 Luna KHS 3000 with 2XL tires and a 11-52 cassette does much. Add the bikeboard to the front and it does more than you think.

      The 2017 with paddles and IGH is over the top for us old men. Some Red Bull athlete needs to huck their meat off a cornice in the deep pow for a video.

      Here are two BLM supervisors taking a turn. These guys build trails and are my heroes. Between the two they are responsible for more acres than you can imagine.


        Fun stuff... kind of wrote off most of the old snow sports after the whole leg thing. I was at my leg man last week to work on a new one and explained to him how the bike is so amazing because it gets me moving significant distances over terrain that is at best unpleasant to traverse on my setup (which is optimized for uneven). Snow might actually be something I could have fun with again...

        11-52 - wow... EX1 or12speed?


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          They have sit down rigs for skiing which are amazing. For you they would probably recommend a bionic ankle or something, but the high performance sitdown stuff uses bike shocks and is just fun.

          11-52 on the 11 speed deor xt or what ever we have. I had to take the dremel to the derrailer, but with the 2 XL bigger diameter and traction, granny gear was called for. The b screw all the way out moves the thing back, not down. I needed clearance for the middle gears, it goes over the 52 easily.

          comes from china and took a month.

          just went there to buy another and the big choices are gone.

          I paid 60 bucks, but found another for a hundred.

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          Unfortunately my budget for leg stuff has its limits and this new leg we're working on even after insurance will eat up around $8K of out-of-pocket. When I was discussing what parts to use, etc. we were discussing a different system that is more secure and healthy but is a pain to don and my comment was that if I had three legs, then at least one would have that system but since I'm only able to afford one (a second one would end up 100% out of pocket and be most likely >$20K) I'm sticking with the more basic for quality-of-life reasons.

          Sometimes it's annoying when folks will say you can do most anything, look at all those people running marathons, playing sports, etc. And I say they have sponsors or certainly not my financial limitations, and without a whole lot of resources the reality is there are serious limitations to what an amputee is able to accomplish. The folks doing all these sports and stuff generally have multiple legs (or specialized gear like the sit down skis) for the different activities and we're talking many tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. E.g. a running foot will be hard to walk around on for normal use and so it's only used for running.

          I've resigned myself to getting the most advanced I can that is reasonably good at everything without specialization although very good uneven terrain handling (multi-axial), shock absorption and ability to walk with an excellent gait (I have no discernible limp) are requirements. I'm lucky because even at my age I qualify for the most advanced stuff insurance will cover - they grade you on your ability on a four level scale with the fourth being having the ability to participate in sports with high impact and high activity levels.

          On that note it's very cools some of the components we're looking at for this new one and I'm pumped to get it worked out. Hopefully in two or three months but we have the whole year to get it right.

          I'm really amazed at the M8000 derailleur and not at all surprised you got it to work with 11-52t. I'm running 11-46t and it has no issues at all and is not at all pushed to the limits with that. What's the chain ring? I'm usually running 42t but found a 38t that the luscious derailleur has enough throw to handle without removing links. The 38t with the 46t large cog is super low, at least for me and frankly for anything I've been doing the 42t is fine...
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        We have a good place at Alpine with all the bazilion dollar stuff to try and play with,, maybe Taos. It has been 30 years, but if I volunteered for the day as a "helper" we got a half day lesson with equipment rental. These are athletes who can commensurate and come up with affordable work arounds. The year I spent in a chair let me in to the group a slight bit more. (you f*ckers are kind of a secret society) Everything is a struggle, but once we got out the door, nobody heard us complain. However the end of the day was always putting "bandaids" on the problem areas and hours rebuilding the equipment so it would not happen the next day.

        Which leg? I am thinking we do a flat track kind of drift contest. I will go clockwise if that is the leg you can put down. :-)

        It looks like a China person put the cassette up for sixty bucks and others bought them all up just to resell on ebay again at twice the price. WTF. I wanted to test more because the 46 and 52 are just aluminium. Strange derailleur. I went to 52 and didn't add to the chain. At some point I will put the original 11-46 on my road wheels, (vee fat slicks) It might work without adjustments because of the strange way the derailleur works.

        Oh yea, using the 42 luna chainring. I can't go smaller because of the chainline. Cassette is normal assembly, but if wear is problem I will do the trick of putting a cog inside.
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          Left (shifting) leg which hasn't stopped me from riding - I have a very low stretch cord with a steel ring I tied one end to the shift pedal and the other to the handlebars for when I drop the ring and the ring sets on my thumb so I can just pull up and clutchless shift up and step on the pedal for normal down. This is generic and works on every moto I've ridden since... It's fine for lazy riding but after track time and desert racing it's just not as fun not being able to snick through the gears for hard acceleration. Since it's not as fun I tend to put my resources elsewhere where I get better return - like ebikes.

          The 11-46t I have is a sunrace and has all steel cogs. The gear steps are better than the shimano cassettes IMO. Shimano just took the 11-42t and only replaced the 42t with the 46t so there's a big step between 1st and 2nd. The sunrace has more consistent steps through the whole range and it's not only steel, but a lot less expensive than the shimano (~$55 I think).

          I'm lucky using the 130bcd adapter and 1mm shims to push the ring towards the motor as close as practical without interference no matter which ring and I get an excellent chainline =]


            Today I will look to build the 170mm 3 speed into a rim. It will have all 20mm of spacers on the non drive side so the rim won't be in middle. I have seen extra holes for this kind of lacing on my Clownshoe rim etc, but never on a 36 holed rim. So I will be asking a shop to drill 36 holes as well build the wheel. I was hoping it would be more straight forward. My local shop is all ski now so I will be walking into places cold.

            The gadget thing has too much of my time. I need at least one more person to test pilot these things. My two possible victims are Frank whose own build has been almost done for a month, and Derek from endless sphere. I haven't heard from Derek in forever, but I left him a link for a tire which would get his crazy hub motor on the snow.

            Frank's build is taking too long The rear axle was bent, just like others had reported with the walmart Dolormite. Then one thing after another.

            In the end Frank will be the same kind of test pilot I am which doesn't help much. We both use the bikes to walk dogs. Derek is my best bet to be dumb, young, and full of cum. I have only one powder day all year. The goal is video of someone jumping a cornice.

            I am fostering two (more) Huskys. Somebody adopt this dog so I can get back to bikes! See the berm in front of her nose? It was fun.

            Click image for larger version

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              I gave the hub and rim to The Bicycle Authority. He appears to understand what I want and has the tools to cut his own spokes. Cross your fingers.

              The video is getting embarrassing because it just shows how little rear grip I had. Time for a new video, but the dogs and my social media campaign to re home one have all my time.

              I have started a facebook thread where the dog Simba has hacked my facebook account and is on the local town;s forum asking for a new human. If you do facebook, please throw me a bone with a like or whatever facebook does.



                Gratuitous video


                  This is more like it:


                  Click image for larger version

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                    Great stuff!

                    I'd like to see that on the dunes out here...


                      Just read Karl gushing about how his new bike makes everything else obsolete. ROTFLMAO. Considering he is a shill for LUNA you would think he would read this forum once in a while.