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Surly Krampus BBSHD (hot rod program) 52v Shark

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    Surly Krampus BBSHD (hot rod program) 52v Shark

    Sharing my build and seeing if anyone is interested in buying complete or motor+battery kit from Luna
    Hello Electric Bike folks, I researched and toyed with ideas for awhile until finally purchasing a solid bicycle and the BBSHD kit from Luna cycle. Although my creation gets going pretty fast and is super fun, I am used to pedaling and doing all the work, and now that I have created this beast I feel like I am cheating myself with the electric setup. I am a college student and compete in mountain bike races throughout Arizona. My plan was to sell or get rid of most of my things and just ride the electric bike everywhere. After selling my car and buying all of the parts and putting them together into the ripper of an Ebike you see here, I realized I need a truck for my lifestyle and mountain biking races. That being said, I hope this fast masterpiece of a bicycle can be enjoyed by someone experienced or just getting into ebikes. This bike could be compared to Luna's wolf bikes but the bicycle I made is a Surly which is super sturdy and reliable, definitely more solid than the KHS bikes. With the 29x3 inch tires, this machine is capable of handle some serious terrain or just cruising around town. I know people will comment on the rear rack which I use for the battery because on the down tube to the top tube I use a triangle bag to haul my things around when adventuring on this BEAST.
    Components: Surly Krampus size sm with 1x10 cassete and 29x3 tires
    The fourth and fifth picture shows the complete order list including BBSHD 1000w (hot rod program), 52v Shark battery, and Luna Eclipse chainring
    Overall I put about $1,600 into the BBSHD kit and bought the Surly Krampus for $900 but got a brand new chain, new shimano M355 hydraulic disc brakes, a complete tune up, and the rear rack.
    After spending about $2,800 or so with tuning and perfecting this bike into an absolute ripper with only 45 total miles on the motor and battery now, I will take any reasonable offers in order to save up for a truck for my future life and mountain bike adventures. If one would like to just purchase the motor, battery, and components from Lunacycle, I can remove it from the bicycle.
    Thank you, and I hope someone can fully enjoy this fast, fun, adventure electric bicycle!

    I know this might be a long shot but are you still looking to sell this? I'm about to do an almost identical build.