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Custom Cargo Trike Build

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    Custom Cargo Trike Build

    Hi all,
    New to forum, first post. Firstly thanks for having me and sharing your knowledge.

    I have this infection in my brain which I can't seem to shake. I keep seeing this semi-recumbent trike in my head and I just have to build it now.
    It is basically an ebike version of the Harley Davidson servicar if anyone is familiar, with a bit of a cantilever hot-rod style roof to mount solar panels for charging and provide some shade from the brutal Australian sun.

    I live in a very small town and would like to be able to ride it to work and shops etc around town, the odd outdoor sporting event etc. Max range i'd need in a day would be well under 10km, all fairly flat terrain. I'd like to be able to carry about 35kg or 75lbs in the bed on the back (cooler full of ice and beer and a battery job-site radio, maybe an outdoor folding chair). Not looking to break any speed records and two motors should provide adequate torque. I plan to run the chain from the pedals at the front to a cross-shaft to split the drive to two 20inch ebike wheels. I'd like to stay 20 inch to keep the whole affair low if possible.

    I run a small custom engineering shop with aluminium welding and machining in-house and can do a bit of sheet metal work too, so no problems on building it. What I am having trouble with is finding an online supplier for the two 20 inch rear wheel motors required. I would like to have the drive chain from the cross shaft to each of the wheels on the inside/outside of the frame to allow the wiring cluster to point inwards and be hidden, so one wheel motor will need to have its' sprag clutch reversed or be supplied ready for left side chain application. I am told this means direct drive motors only for me. I recall seeing a year or so ago a site where you could select a bunch of parameters for your wheel motor prior to ordering but can't find it now.....

    Can anyone please suggest a supplier?

    I'll also need 3 x sprockets to mount onto the cross shaft, can machine any size shaft and cut key-ways etc. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again to all you kind folks out there for sharing your knowledge, I really appreciate it.

    Why not use a mid drive? It would make it less complex....