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Controller troubleshooting

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    Controller troubleshooting


    My BBSHD no longer works with pedal assist. I can only run the motor using the thumb throttle.
    I can see Error Code 21 in the displays fault code section, Error 21 equals speed sensor error (or speed sensor issues). To add to the confusion, my speed sensor works great (I have a good readout of speed when riding it), the magnet is properly aligned and the display is not shutting down as some other users have experienced. I can also see the red light toggling from on to off as the magnet passes.

    So, an easy fix? Unfortunately not. I've been all over google for months but haven't found a single clue to what it is. The seller has sent me a new "pas circuit" but I haven't replaced it yet.

    I've also replaced the speed sensor but the fault code is still present and cables all look intact.

    Any BBSHD guru out there who can help a fellow ebiker?
    Many thanks.